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Once the inspired assault is activated it will affect all of the player's infantry units including MGs, mortars, and an officer.

Game Info[]

Inspired assault has following bonuses on infantry while activated:

  • Weapon Cooldown x 0.6
  • Weapon Reload x 0.5
  • Weapon Damage x 1.2

The ability has also one down side, your infantry will receive 1.5x accuracy from enemy fire making them really vulnerable. Combinining infantry's damage bonuses and vulnerabilities while the ability is activated makes them so called "glass cannons". Thus, using this ability needs good timing. When used correctly it will be deadly to your opponent, but in the wrong hands it will dig graves for your troops.

The best time to use inspired assault is when you are overwhelming your opponent and he has no chances to kill you. When you activate it you might totally slaughter your enemy forces and even kill some squads when they are retreating.

The same thing goes when you are being overwhelmed - if you decide to use the ability you will most likely take even more casualties than you would take when not using inspired assault and trying to stall the enemy. You should never use inspired assault when stalling the enemy.

Obviously your troops are pretty safe when they are overwhelming the enemy and you can also use the ability when you aren't at risk of taking damage. For example:

  1. Outranging the opponent. When you outrange your opponent and his weapon fire can't reach your units using Inspired assault, like a sniper shooting from long range or cloaked, or Volks shooting engineers/flamer engineers from long range.
  2. Enemy doing an action. When your enemy is repairing, placing mines or other things where he can't shoot while doing the action. Note that squads doing such actions are already easier to hit so it makes inspired assault even more effective.
  3. Enemy buildings. Obviously a barracks can't shoot back at you nor can other buildings with the exception of emplacements/MG nests. You can destroy enemy buildings much faster and more effectively while using shreks or flamers against them and having inspired assault activated. Emplacements take fire from small arms fire so if you manage to flank them you can deal a great damage with this ability.


  • Weapon upgrades. Obviously troops with weapon upgrages deal more damage so having an LMG or MP40s will be even more effective.
  • Get your enemy off-guard. Before your enemy notices you have used the ability use focused fire on single units, first those who are lowest on health or those who do the most damage, but are weak, i.e. flamers.
  • Cover. When your units are in heavy cover while the ability is activated they don't even seem to have the vulnerability of using the ability.
  • Elite armor. Getting 2nd level veterancy for infantry or support units will grant those units an elite armor that greatly reduces damage from small arms fire so even if the enemy may hit more, they do less damage.