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Veterancy Infantry Section 0
Infantry Section
Army British
Role Multi-purpose core infantry
Men per Squad 5
Unit Cost 450Icon Manpower Small 450
5Icon PopCap Small 5
Upkeep per Minute -1.5Icon Manpower Small −1.5 (per man)
Prereq. None
Produced By Headquarters Command Truck
Cost to Reinforce 35Icon Manpower Small 35
1Icon PopCap Small 1
Health per Man 65Icon Health Small 65
Infantry Type Soldier
Basic Weapon Lee-Enfield Nº 4 Rifle
Open Weapon Slots 5
Max. Speed 3 m/s (friendly sectors)
2 m/s (other sectors)
Produces (5)
Production Slit Trench
Slit Trench
  • Garrisonable structure, protects infantry from damage.
  • Costs nothing
  • Build time: 20 seconds
  • Removed when Recon Element upgrade is installed

Production Vickers MG Emplacement
Vickers Machine Gun Emplacement
  • Protects a sector against infantry attacks.
  • Costs 280Icon Manpower Small 280, 3Icon PopCap Small 3
  • Build time: 60 seconds

Production 3 Inch Mortar Emplacement
3" Mortar Emplacement
  • Light artillery structure, bombards approaching enemies.
  • Costs 280Icon Manpower Small 280, 2Icon PopCap Small 2
  • Build time: 60 seconds

Production Casualty Clearing Station
Casualty Clearing Station
  • Heals nearby infantry and collects wounded men off the field.
  • Costs 180Icon Manpower Small 180, 15Icon Fuel Small 15
  • Build time: 50 seconds

Production Detector For Radio Triangulation
Detector for Radio Triangulation
  • With three of these on the field, any enemy unit moving through the area between them is revealed on the mini-map.
  • Requires Royal Commandos Support: Radio Triangulation Detectors
  • Costs nothing
  • Build time: 4 seconds
Abilities (4)
Ability Withdraw To Captain's Position
Withdraw to Captain's Position
  • The entire squad quickly retreats to the Captain's current position.
  • Costs nothing
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Ability Deploy Marksman
Deploy Marksman
  • A single shot that will instantly kill a single targeted enemy infantryman.
  • Requires the Recon Element upgrade
  • Costs 25Icon Munitions Small 25 to activate
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds

Ability Button Enemy Vehicle
Button Enemy Vehicle
  • A volley from the Bren LMG forces a target vehicle to remain motionless and unable to fire back.
  • Requires the Bren Light Machine Gun upgrade
  • Costs 25Icon Munitions Small 25 to activate
  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds

Ability Rifle Smoke Grenade
Rifle Smoke Grenade
  • A volley of 2 smoke grenades obscures vision in the targeted area, protecting an advance.
  • Requires the Rifle Grenades upgrade
  • Costs 35Icon Munitions Small 35 to activate
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds
Upgrades (3)
Upgrade Recon Element
Recon Element
  • Adds a Scoped Lee Enfield Nº 4 Rifle to one team-member
  • Enables the Deploy Marksman ability
  • Increases squad vision range and enables detecting camouflaged units further away
  • Decreases squad accuracy and increases reload times
  • Costs 35Icon Munitions Small 35 to install

Upgrade Bren Light Machine Gun
Bren Light Machine Gun
  • Adds 2 Bren LMGs to the squad's inventory
  • Enables the Button Enemy Vehicle ability
  • Costs 75Icon Munitions Small 75 to install

Upgrade Rifle Grenades
Rifle Grenades
  • Adds 2 Lee-Enfield Rifle Grenades Launchers to the squad's inventory
  • Enables the Rifle Smoke Grenade ability
  • Costs 75Icon Munitions Small 75 to install

The Infantry Section, also known as the Tommy Squad, is the core infantry unit for the British faction of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. Slower and more expensive than almost all other infantry units in the game, it is nonetheless extremely versatile. Like the rest of the British Army, the Infantry Section specializes in defense, primarily in building its own Defensive Structures out in the field.


The Infantry Section is the primary infantry unit built by the British army, in a game of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. The squad, made up of 5 "Tommies", is responsible for the construction of forward defenses, capturing sectors, and defending these sectors from enemy attacks. In this capacity, they form the backbone of the British Army.

The Infantry Section is constructed at the Headquarters Command Truck, and has no prerequisites. One unit is available immediately at the start of a skirmish/multiplayer battle. The high cost of 450Icon Manpower Small 450 makes it one of the most expensive infantry units in the game, though it can be reinforced for only 35Icon Manpower Small 35.

In its initial state, the Infantry Section is roughly on-par with other infantry squads. Each soldier carries a Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle. The soldiers themselves are pretty tough, with health values equal to the American Ranger heavy-infantry.

Straight away, with the exception of the starting unit, the squad can build four different kinds of Defensive Structures, including the Slit Trench, Vickers Machine Gun Emplacement, 3" Mortar Emplacement, and Casualty Clearing Station. These emplacements are used to defend captured resource points against basic enemy counter-attacks. The responsibility for constructing these emplacements rests solely on the Infantry Sections throughout the battle, as they cannot be built by any other British unit.

Although initially basic in function, the Infantry Section's true strength is derived from their upgrades. They can be fitted with one of three different weapon loadouts, to specialize them in one particular field of anti-infantry action:

  • Recon Element: Adds a Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I (T) sniper rifle to one of the soldiers. Enables the team to perform forward reconnaissance (thanks to increased sight range) and eliminate high-value enemy infantry with a 25 munitions single shot ability, similar to a Sniper. The team is also able to move at normal speed in neutral and enemy territory, but are unable to construct slit trenches.
  • Bren Light Machine Gun: Adds two Bren LMGs to the unit, increasing their overall firepower and allowing them to Button Enemy Vehicles. Unfortunately, Bren LMGs are not very good at suppressing enemy infantry.
  • Rifle Grenades: Adds two Lee-Enfield Rifle Grenade Launchers to the unit, enabling it to hurt entrenched or garrisoned infantry with ease.

With an upgrade installed, the Infantry Section becomes much more capable at both attack and defense, primarily against enemy infantry. This brings them up to par with most enemy anti-infantry squads.

The Infantry Section is not without disadvantages. Apart from its high cost in Manpower, the unit cannot accumulate Veterancy like most infantry. Instead, they rely on the presence of Lieutenants and Captains to increase their combat performance.

Additionally, an Infantry Section unescorted by a Lieutenant will move slowly and cautiously through neutral and enemy territory, especially in the open. Upgrading Recon Elements eliminates the need for a Lieutenant escort.

Overall, this Infantry unit allows the British to maintain a strong anti-infantry defense, especially useful in the opening moments of the battle. Later on, the Infantry Section can be used to escort advancing columns into enemy territory, alongside Sappers, Commandos, and heavy vehicles.


As discussed above, the Infantry Section is initially created with 5 Lee-Enfield Mk.III rifles. They can then be augmented with various weapon packs, ranging from a Scoped rifle to Rifle Grenades. These extra weapons replace the basic rifles as necessary.

Note that as with all other Infantry units, the Infantry Section can pick up weapons dropped by other squads, to a maximum of 5 unique weapons (this number includes weapons acquired from upgrades). And as with other infantry, they can also crew any abandoned Team Weapons they come across, both friendly and enemy.

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I Rifle[]

The basic Infantry Section rifle is a trusty bolt-operated, magazine-fed rifle, capable of holding ten rounds. It fires single shots which are fairly accurate over long distances. It is one of the best infantry rifles (barring Sniper rifles, of course), coming close to the Axis Stormtrooper Squad's improved Kar98 in effectiveness.

Nonetheless, in a close-quarters battle, this rifle is considerably less useful, especially when compared to automatic weapons.

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I (T) Sniper's Rifle[]

This weapon is acquired with the Recon Element upgrade. It is, quite practically, nothing more than a Lee Enfield with a scope attachment. In fact, it has the same exact properties as the Lee-Enfield.

However, with this upgrade you also get the ability to use the rifle's scope by paying 25Icon Munitions Small 25 for a marksman shot. This is the equivalent of a shot from a Sniper's rifle, and will kill a single enemy infantryman outright - whether in the open or garrisoned in a building.

Note again that this ability only works when you manually activate and pay for it. If you do not intervene, the soldier holding the Scoped Lee-Enfield has the same exact combat properties as any of his other Lee-Enfield-equipped mates.

Bren Light Machine Gun[]

Two of these magazine-fed automatic weapons are acquired with the Bren Light Machine Gun upgrade. Overall, the Bren is not unique in any respect, and is pretty much the most average infantry-carried LMG available, being neither best nor worst at any of its properties amongst other similar weapons.

However, the upgrade does provide the team with the Button Enemy Vehicles ability, with each use costing 25Icon Munitions Small 25. This allows the Bren to "suppress" an enemy vehicle, slowing it down and preventing it from firing. However, this effect will not occur during routine firing, and only occurs when paid for specifically.

As with all other LMGs, the Bren is good for eliminating Axis infantry and can even destroy small vehicles. It is inferior to SMGs at close-range, but will do good work at both medium and long range.

Note: When an infantryman holding a Bren Light Machine Gun is killed, and there is no other squad-member available to pick the weapon up, there is a 20% chance of the weapon being dropped and becoming abandoned. Other infantry squads (friendly or enemy) can pick this weapon up if they have at least 1 Open Weapon Slot.

Lee-Enfield Rifle Grenade Launcher[]

The Lee-Enfield Rifle Grenade Launcher is a unique weapon that does not have an equal in any other Infantry unit in the game. Essentially, a special grenade is attached to the muzzle of the Tommy's rifle, and can be fired at an arcing trajectory into enemy nests and trenches in order to kill the men garrisoned inside. The high-explosive grenade can also kill enemies out in the open, and can do some damage to light vehicles.

Two of these weapons are acquired with the Rifle Grenades upgrade. In addition to shooting normal grenades, you can pay 35Icon Munitions Small 35 to fire a pair of smoke grenades to block an enemy's line of sight.

Each grenade causes around 30 points of damage (about half of an average infantryman's health), spread over an area 4 meters in radius. The full damage is only inflicted on the target that was actually hit, while targets further away (2–4 meters away) can suffer as little as 15 points of damage. Nonetheless, the area-effect allows the weapon to hit targets behind or inside cover, where other small-arms cannot reach them.

Note that the grenade launcher is a ballistic weapon. Like hand-grenades, these rifle-launched grenades can be lobbed over obstacles, allowing you to attack units without establishing a direct line-of-sight, therefore not having to put your own troops in danger.

Finally, while it is installed on a working Lee-Enfield rifle, the grenade attachment can never be removed from the weapon - the soldiers using it will only ever fire grenades.

One of the major setbacks of this weapon is its poor accuracy without a Lieutenant. Most grenades fired from these weapons seem to hit further than the desired target when the section is without Veterancy aura. Another is that it inflicts no damage to most buildings, and will actually fail to explode altogether if the grenade scores a direct hit on either base structures or any generic civilian building, such as a house. The explosion itself can still damage garrisoned units, but the grenade must land on the ground near its target to be effective.


Although the Sappers are responsible for heavy defensive construction for the British army, the Infantry Section can build 4 lighter Defensive Structures of their own. All four structures are designed to provide basic protection against enemy infantry infiltration, and can be rapidly built when the Infantry Section acquires new territory.

Production Slit Trench Slit Trench[]

  • Costs nothing.
  • Takes 20 seconds to build

The Slit Trench is a defensive emplacement that can be garrisoned by any infantry unit. It does not have any offensive capability on its own.

Units inside the Slit Trench are considered to be in heavy cover, and are almost impervious to any direct-fire weapons, including small-arms and even tank cannons. They are also impossible to suppress. Nonetheless, they are vulnerable to high explosives and artillery fire.

Infantry in a Slit Trench can fire in any direction. However, they receive less protection when an enemy attacks the trench from the side (enfilading fire), meaning that orientation when placing the Slit Trench is very important.

When ungarrisoned, the Slit Trench can be occupied by enemy troops just as easily, so make sure to place it in a position where, if captured, it cannot be used effectively against you. Or just make sure that enemy infantry cannot get anywhere near it.

You can destroy an occupied trench by selecting it and double-tapping Delete key.

Production Vickers MG Emplacement Vickers Machine Gun Emplacement[]

  • Costs 280Icon Manpower Small 280, 3Icon PopCap Small 3
  • Takes 60 seconds to build

The Vickers Machine Gun Emplacement is basically a sandbag bunker with a heavy machine gun mounted inside. The Vickers MG will open fire at any approaching enemy, suppressing and killing infantry and causing some damage to light vehicles.

This emplacement is very useful for protecting a sector against infantry attacks. The Infantry Section would be smart to place one down when a new sector is captured, to prevent the enemy from quickly re-capturing it in a swift counter-attack.

This emplacement can be dismantled when it is no longer required, to reclaim 3 Population Cap points.

Production 3 Inch Mortar Emplacement 3" Mortar Emplacement[]

  • Costs 280Icon Manpower Small 280, 2Icon PopCap Small 2
  • Takes 60 seconds to build

The 3" Mortar Emplacement is the British analogue to the Axis and American Mortar squads.

An immobile emplacement, the mortar cannot move from where it was placed, but gains additional protection from the sandbags erected around it. Nonetheless, the Mortar squad inside can rotate its facing to deal with enemies in any direction.

This structure provides light artillery support against enemy infantry and light vehicle attacks. It is useful for protecting primary avenues of approach. It is especially useful in conjunction with a Vickers Machine Gun Emplacement, as the MG suppresses incoming infantry while the mortar zeroes in to destroy them. Being immobile, it is vulnerable to counter-battery fire from artillery and mortar teams.

This emplacement can be dismantled when it is no longer required, to reclaim 2 Population Cap points.

Production Casualty Clearing Station Casualty Clearing Station[]

  • Costs 180Icon Manpower Small 180, 15Icon Fuel Small 15
  • Takes 50 seconds to build

The Casualty Clearing Station is a structure that combines the abilities of the American Triage Center and Medic Station.

By default, the Medics stationed here will attempt to collect fallen British soldiers from the battlefield. Once 5 soldiers have been collected, the structure will automatically spawn a new Infantry Section unit for free.

Additionally, this structure can heal nearby infantry when its special ability is activated. This costs 40Icon Munitions Small 40 per use, and will heal any friendly infantry within its radius of effect for a period of 60 seconds.

This is the only structure available to the British which can heal infantry, making it vital to the smooth operation of British forces in lieu of a nearby friendly Triage Center.

Production Detector For Radio Triangulation Detector For Radio Triangulation[]

This structure is unique, as it has no defensive or offensive capabilities, but is instead used only to detect enemy movement. Each detector on its own is meaningless - until 3 of them have been constructed.

Once 3 detectors are placed anywhere on the map, they form a triangular area with each detector constituting one corner. Any enemy unit inside the triangle at any time will be shown on your Mini-Map and Tactical Map. Units leaving the triangle will disappear into the Fog of War as normal.

Once constructed, the Detector becomes camouflaged and can only be detected by enemy units passing very close to it. This allows Detectors to be placed behind enemy lines, even close to enemy positions, without risking their destruction.

By creating a large-enough triangle, it may be possible to remain privy to the location of most, if not all enemy units. This allows Commando units to navigate safely between enemy patrols, not to mention react to enemy movement with surgical precision. As an added bonus, your main-line defenses can more properly react to incoming enemy attacks, and your artillery can be used to barrage enemy units discovered this way.

Since Infantry Sections will rarely find themselves deep behind enemy lines, they will usually be required to build these detectors in your own territory, forming the base or tip of the triangle with the other detectors placed deep in enemy territory by glider-inserted Commandos.


Like all other British Infantry squads, the Infantry Section can retreat to the Captain's current position, if one exists.

Once an Infantry Section purchases any weapon upgrade package, it will receive an additional ability corresponding to the selected package. The basic Infantry Section does not have any of these abilities available. Since only one upgrade package may be purchased for each Infantry Section, only one of these extra abilities will be unlocked, even if the squad later picks up additional abandoned weapons dropped by another Infantry Section.

Ability Withdraw To Captain's Position Withdraw to Captain's Position[]

  • Costs nothing.
  • Activation: Immediate.
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Like all other British infantry, once a Captain is recruited, the Infantry Section can retreat to his current position at any time.

As with the normal "Retreat" ability common to all Infantry, once this ability is activated the Infantry Section will leave the player's control and set a direct course for the Captain. The retreat will break any Suppression effects the Infantry Section may be suffering at the time.

Retreating to the Captain's position can save the unit from death in battle. The advantage in retreating to the Captain's position is that the Captain is usually closer to the front lines than the Headquarters Command Truck. Once the Infantry reaches the Captain, they'll be on safer ground thanks to his command bonus as well.

It's also possible to use this ability defensively, by first moving the Captain to a sector in need of a quick defense, and then "retreating" several infantry units to him. The extra speed means the infantry will arrive at the sector much faster, and then will benefit from the Captain's defensive bonuses as they engage the attacking enemy units.

This ability can also be used offensively, by placing the Captain behind an enemy position (with the help of a Bren Carrier, etc.) and then retreat the infantry to him. This way, the unit can quickly run right past Suppression fire from a Machine Gun position to reach a flanking position behind it.

Ability Deploy Marksman Deploy Marksman[]

  • Costs 25Icon Munitions Small 25
  • Requirements: Unit upgraded to Recon Element
  • Activation: Select Target (Infantry)
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds

When Deploy Marksman is activated, select any enemy infantry (garrisoned targets allowed). The Infantry Section's designated marksman, carrying a Scoped Lee-Enfield, will fire a single shot at the targeted unit, killing one of its soldiers immediately.

This ability mimics the attack of a Sniper unit, in that it will always kill the targeted individual. Use this to take out enemy Weapon Teams, snipers, or simply hasten the destruction of opposing infantry by reducing their numbers quickly. Remember that each shot costs 25Icon Munitions Small 25. At all other times the unit's marksman will fire regular shots from his rifle.

Note: The accuracy of this shot is not 100% perfect, especially against moving Elite Infantry targets, Snipers, and retreating infantry. If the shot misses, the Munitions paid for its use are wasted.

Ability Button Enemy Vehicle Button Enemy Vehicle[]

  • Costs 25Icon Munitions Small 25
  • Requirements: Unit upgraded with Bren Light Machine Gun
  • Activation: Select Target (Vehicle)
  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds

When Button Enemy Vehicle is activated, select any enemy vehicle. The Infantry Section's Bren-gun-equipped soldiers will open up with a volley at the target vehicle, causing its crew to button the hatches. This is similar to suppressing a vehicle, as one normally does to infantry.

As a result, the vehicle will be unable to move at more than a crawling speed, and after 5 seconds, it will cease all fire. The effect lasts for 20 seconds, buying time for the Infantry Section to retreat and/or attempt to destroy the vehicle - or for another unit to move in and destroy it. In addition, the vehicle is rendered temporarily blind: its sight-range is reduced to 0 for the duration of the effect.

You can use this ability to hold a vehicle in place, preventing it from attacking or advancing. It's also useful for rescuing other units from being destroyed by the target vehicle. If the target vehicle is alone, this effect allows your units to run past it (or into flanking positions) while it is blinded.

Remember that the Infantry Section which is using this ability should not be giving any other orders (like moving or attacking other targets), or it will stop this ability and the enemy vehicle will recover its combat capabilities and movement.

Ability Rifle Smoke Grenade Rifle Smoke Grenade[]

  • Costs 35Icon Munitions Small 35
  • Requirements: Unit upgraded with Rifle Grenades
  • Activation: Select Ground
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds

When Rifle Smoke Grenade is activated, select a point on the ground. The Infantry Section's Grenade-Launcher-equipped soldiers will fire 2 smoke grenades at the selected target. These grenades will create a cloud of smoke roughly 8 meters wide, which obscures vision through it. If properly placed, the smoke cloud can prevent enemy units from seeing the Infantry Section or any other friendly unit moving behind or inside the cloud. This allows units to move without being attacked by whatever enemies are on the other side of the cloud.

Use this ability to mask an advance. You can fire at a specific enemy emplacement or unit to ensure that it cannot see anything, allowing your units to maneuver into place to destroy it - or avoid it completely on their way into enemy territory.

Remember that this works both ways: the enemy will become invisible to your troops in just the same way. The clouds last about 30 seconds, which is ample time to move several units past the area.


A new Infantry Section has no less than 3 different upgrades to choose from, which will augment its weapons loadout in order to specialize in one form of anti-infantry combat. Only one of these upgrades can be installed, after which the unit will retain the upgrade until it is destroyed. There is no way to change the unit's specialization afterwards.

Each of these upgrades will outfit the unit with one or more weapons of a particular kind, and enable one of the specific unit Abilities related to that weapon. Again, this ability will remain available as long as at least one squad-member survives. If the upgrade outfits the unit with two weapons, and only one team-member survives, the next reinforcement of that unit will automatically create a soldier holding the other specialty weapon, without requiring a second purchase of the upgrade.

Upgrade Recon Element Recon Element[]

Veterancy Infantry Section Recon Element 0
  • Costs 35Icon Munitions Small 35
  • Requires at least 4 Open Weapon Slots
  • Takes up 4 Weapon Slots
  • Takes 20 seconds to complete

This upgrade will outfit one of the soldiers in the Infantry Section with a Scoped Lee-Enfield rifle. As a result, the unit can now use the Deploy Marksman ability.

With this upgrade, the entire unit's sight-range is increased by 15 meters, which is almost 50% more than its original sight-range. Also, the range at which the unit can detect camouflaged units (Snipers and Hetzers) is increased by 8 meters when the squad is moving, and 18 meters when stationary.

On the other hand, the accuracy of the team's rifles is reduced by 15%. The soldiers will also take 25% longer to reload their weapons between clips, and will have a 15% longer interval between every shot they fire (reduction of firing rate). This reduces the overall damage output of the entire squad.

Finally, the speed penalty applied to Infantry Sections outside friendly territory does not apply to Recon Elements, allowing them to move quickly through both neutral and enemy territories without assistance from a Lieutenant.

This upgrade is excellent to create a scout team that can survey enemy positions, scout ahead of an advancing force, or pick off enemy gun crews, garrisoned infantry, or even enemy snipers.

Upgrade Bren Light Machine Gun Bren Light Machine Gun[]

Veterancy Infantry Section Bren LMG 0
  • Costs 75Icon Munitions Small 75
  • Requires at least 1 Open Weapon Slot
  • Takes up 1 or 2 Weapon Slots (as available)
  • Takes 30 seconds to complete

This upgrade will outfit the squad with two Bren Light Machine Guns. As a result, the unit can now use the Button Enemy Vehicle ability.

This upgrade creates a team that can easily take out infantry in face-to-face combat (especially at long or medium range), can damage or even destroy enemy light vehicles, and can harass heavier vehicles. Using its unique ability, it can basically "shut down" a vehicle for a period of 20 seconds, preventing it from retreating or firing back and allowing it to be destroyed by other nearby units. The Bren also makes a good defensive weapon, especially when the Infantry Section is garrisoned in a Slit Trench.

Note: If the squad has only one Open Weapon Slot when this upgrade is purchased, only one Bren LMG will be added.

Upgrade Rifle Grenades Rifle Grenades[]

Veterancy Infantry Section Rifle Grenades 0
  • Costs 75Icon Munitions Small 75
  • Requires at least 1 Open Weapon Slot
  • Takes up 1 or 2 Weapon Slots (as available)
  • Takes 25 seconds to complete

This upgrade will outfit the squad with two Lee-Enfield Grenade Launcher rifle attachments. As a result, the unit can now use the Rifle Smoke Grenade ability.

This upgrade allows the unit to effectively engage enemy infantry in garrisoned or entrenched positions. While inaccurate, the high-explosive grenades do area damage when they land, taking out one or more enemy infantry within that area. The grenades can also do some damage to light vehicles. Unfortunately, they do little damage to the actual buildings/emplacements in which infantry are hiding - only killing the infantry itself.

This type of infantry squad is best used in infantry assaults, for clearing infantry-garrisoned obstacles and enemy weapon crews.

Note: If the squad has only one Open Weapon Slot when this upgrade is purchased, only one Grenade Launcher will be added.


Together with the Sappers, the Infantry Section comprises the back-bone of the British Army's infantry force. Unlike American and German forces, British infantry is tasked primarily with the construction and maintenance of the British defensive line, a formidable array of fortifications designed for the sole purpose of keeping the enemy out of British-held sectors, and costing them an arm and a leg if they try to break through.

In this capacity, Infantry Sections provide the primary anti-infantry side of the defensive equation, by constructing Vickers Machine Gun Emplacements and 3" Mortar Emplacements to thwart advances by enemy infantry. They themselves can be upgraded with a wide variety of anti-infantry weapons, and can entrench themselves to provide even better protection, and set up Casualty Clearing Stations to heal their wounded.

Offensively, the British prefer relying on their heavy, lumbering tank force. This is partly because the anti-infantry capability of Infantry Sections is more suitable for defense than offense. Nonetheless, when supported by tanks, British infantry can clear out garrisoned enemy infantry rather well, without exposing themselves to enemy armor or vehicles. Still, on the offensive, British infantry usually take a back-seat, charging in only when necessary, and performing their primary duties by fortifying strategic points after they've been overrun by the advancing British armor.

Also important to remember is the role of Lieutenants and Captains in increasing the combat potential of Infantry Sections, working closely together with Sappers in large infantry assaults, and the effect that different weapon upgrades have on the tactics involved in Infantry Section use.

On the Defense[]

British Infantry Sections excel at defending sectors against enemy infantry attacks. They have several ways to go about doing this.

Firstly, the Infantry Section can dig out Slit Trenches for its own (or other infantry units') protection. A trench dug in front of a resource point and occupied by infantry can hold out against much greater enemy numbers, by supplying a formidable defensive bonus. Infantry inside these trenches is impervious to Suppression, and receives good damage reduction to boot. However, flamethrowers, grenades, sniper fire and (sometimes) heavy artillery will easily kill the occupants of a trench, leaving it open to be occupied by enemy infantry.

Infantry on the defense is usually tasked with building Vickers Machine Gun Emplacements, which themselves offer decent Suppression on enemy troops. A single well placed vickers can stop many enemy infantry attacks, especially when coupled with another Infantry Section-built emplacement, the 3" Mortar Emplacement. Together, these two Defensive Structures can suppress and then destroy incoming infantry with ease.

To take care of injuries, the Infantry Section can also erect a Casualty Clearing Station, which serves the double function of collecting wounded from the field and healing infantry squads. Place these behind your main lines, and retreat your infantry there to heal them. The Casualty Clearing Station will automatically create Infantry Section squads whenever it has collected 5 wounded infantrymen from the field. This is very important, as creating a fresh new Infantry Section otherwise costs a heap-load of Manpower.

The best weapon upgrades for defensive purposes is the Bren LMG. When fired from a Slit Trench, the LMG squad can suppress and kill infantry coming towards it, and even temporarily disable approaching vehicles to buy time for other emplacements to destroy them.

Second in effectiveness on defense is the Recon Element upgrade. This upgrade increases sight-range, allowing the squad to spot incoming targets for other emplacements to destroy, as well as kill enemy infantry or weapon crews as they approach the protected resource point. However, such units are often better on recon duties, as their name implies, rather than sitting back and waiting for the enemy to come to them.

Rifle grenades perform best in conjunction with other support troops such as Bren-gunners. A combination of Bren-Gun and Rifle Grenade units can easily overwhelm even the toughest Axis infantry.

On the Offensive[]

British infantry is less suitable for offensive operations. For one, the Infantry Section completely lacks the anti-tank capabilities available to most other infantry units, meaning that it must be supported by tanks or at least Sappers when heading into enemy territory.

One important fact to remember is that Infantry Sections (except the Recon Element) are considerably slower when moving through non-friendly territory. This effect is only negated with the help of a nearby Lieutenant (see below), otherwise they may have trouble pressing into combat and keeping up with the tanks.

Generally speaking, British Infantry is often kept behind the head of the assault, rather than in front (as other factions often do). Instead of charging into the enemy, the Infantry Section will move to flank enemies that are already engaged with other units, killing infantry in the open or inside structures as they do. Once an advance is successful in capturing a sector, the infantry immediately goes to work constructing anti-infantry emplacements in order to protect the sector from sudden enemy infantry counter-attacks.

On the offense, all weapon upgrades are useful, each in its own way. Recon Elements can kill key enemy troops, especially anti-tank weapon crews, that are threatening the advance. Rifle Grenade sections can clear out enemy strongholds inside building or bunkers, especially when firing from behind cover using the Rifle Grenade's ballistic trajectory to fire over obstacles. The Rifle Grenadiers can also create clouds of smoke to cover unit advances, particularly by covering enemy emplacements with smoke so that they cannot see the approaching troops.

Bren LMG squads are multi-purpose here, as they can suppress enemy infantry or engage light vehicles. However, they normally stay further from the fighting, as they do little good up-close with the enemy.

However despite some negative attributes to infantry sections, with specific upgrades the average tommy can become extremely deadly (see below). A good technique for assaulting with sections is to attack in groups of 2 sections (plus PIAT Sappers for anti-tank capabilities if needed) of a Bren LMG section and a rifle-grenade section- allowing the tactic of fire and maneuver to be performed. The Bren will cover and occupy the enemy infantry with if not suppression, then by accurate bursts, whilst the grenade team moves around the opposition to fire grenades at a flanking position; therefore rendering any cover which can protect the enemy infantry from direct rifle grenade fire useless. However keep in mind that the accuracy of rifle-grenades depend on an experienced Lieutenant, in which whom needs to be micro managed to give bonuses to both sections at the same time.

Lieutenants and Captains[]

Unlike other factions, most British units do not accumulate Veterancy on their own. Instead, they rely on the command ability of officers to increase their fighting prowess.

While nearby to a Lieutenant (up to 30 meters away), the Infantry Section receives bonuses based on the Lieutenant's own Veterancy level:

  • Level 0: The Lieutenant's presence removes the speed penalty for Infantry Sections moving through non-friendly territory.
  • Level 1: Accuracy of all Infantry Section troops is increased by about 30%.
  • Level 2: Accuracy is increased to 50%, firing rate is increased to 48% and reload rates are increased by 10%
  • Level 3: No additional effects on Infantry Sections.

You can use the Lieutenant's "Maintain Command Range" to make sure it follows your infantry at the 30-meter distance or less. The Lieutenant will also provide support fire with his SMG.

The Captain also bestows bonuses to any unit within the same sector as itself. Putting the Captain in the same (friendly) sector that's being defended by infantry will have a profound effect on their survivability, based again on the Captain's own Veterancy level:

  • Level 1: Infantry Section units within the sector receive half as much Suppression as normal from enemy fire, and 20% less damage from all sources. Soldiers will heal automatically at a slow rate.
  • Level 2: Infantry Section units receive only 25% as much Suppression as normal from enemy fire, and each soldiers' maximum health is increased by 15%. Soldiers still take 20% less damage from all sources and heal at a slightly faster rate.

Remember that these effects only apply when both the Captain and the Infantry Section are in the same territory, and only in territory that belongs to you or an allied faction.


Infantry Sections are formidable infantry on the defense, but unfortunately they have several weaknesses that detract from their effectiveness.

For one, Infantry Sections are incredibly expensive when compared to all other infantry units available to other factions. At no less than 450Icon Manpower Small 450 per team, this makes them almost as expensive as a single Sherman Firefly, and certainly more expensive than other tanks and vehicles available to the British. Fortunately, reinforcement costs are much milder, at 35Icon Manpower Small 35 per man.

Another glaring fault is their speed. Infantry Sections unescorted by a Lieutenant will move at a crawl through anything other than friendly territory, making them vulnerable to enemy fire. The Recon Element upgrade negates this penalty, but then this is a specialty that prevents the infantry from using Bren LMGs or Rifle Grenades. Additionally, since Infantry Sections do not accumulate Veterancy on their own, they rely on Lieutenants to increase their fighting prowess to match that of veteran enemy infantry; however the powerful auras given by an experienced lieutenant will surely make up for this.

Furthermore, Infantry Sections are notoriously useless against any armored vehicles. While a Bren team can button a vehicle down for a few moments, it cannot destroy it without the help of other units like PIAT-equipped Sappers or actual armor support. This makes them unable to attack effectively on their own with little intelligence on opposition, and puts them in danger when defending sectors against an armored enemy advance.

Slit Trenches, an option unique to the British, can be used to provide substantial defense bonuses against even overwhelming numbers, though they are extremely susceptible to flame based weaponry (such as Nebelwerfers or flamethrowers) and any form of hand-thrown explosive device (although this can be countered by exiting your troops quickly before the grenade timer runs out). Slit trenches offer significant protection against HE based artillery - with the exception of the Hummel, which will simply destroy the trench with its devastating 150mm shells.

Finally, Infantry Sections are also dangerously under-equipped for close-quarter combat. Any enemy infantry unit with rapid-fire weapon upgrades that manages to get close enough can do serious damage to the section. It is best to keep a good distance from the enemy, using the Lee Enfield's superior long-range abilities to deal with these threats, or the other weapon upgrades which are also far more suitable for ranged combat.


- after clicking numerous times

- after finishing construction