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Infanterie Kompanie
Role Early units production structure
Unit Cost 80CoH2 Manpower Icon 80
10CoH2 Fuel Icon 10
Produced By Pioneer Squad
Health 1500Icon Health Small 1,500
Armor None?
Produces (3)
Production Grenadiers COH2 Ostheer
  • A 4-man core infantry unit with potential for both anti-infantry and anti-tank abilities.
  • Cost: 240CoH2 Manpower Icon 240, 7CoH2 Population Icon 7

Production GrW 34 Mortar Team COH2 Ostheer
GrW 34 Mortar Team
  • An infantry-carried light artillery piece for shelling enemy positions from afar.
  • Cost: 240CoH2 Manpower Icon 240, 6CoH2 Population Icon 6

Production Sniper (Wehrmacht Ostheer) COH2 Ostheer
  • A single elite infantryman capable of slow but extremely accurate fire which can kill an infantryman with each shot.
  • Cost: 360CoH2 Manpower Icon 360, 9CoH2 Population Icon 9
Abilities (1)
Ability Reinforce Squad COH2
Reinforce Squad
  • Can reinforce nearby infantry units.
  • Costs vary by unit type.

The Infanterie Kompanie is the production structure for infantry for the Ostheer.

Unit Construction[]

  • Grenadiers: Core infantry for the Ostheer. A four-man squad armed with bolt action rifles, effective at long range and relatively versatile with anti-tank and anti-personnel grenade abilities. Can be upgraded with a MG42 LMG to improve rate of fire against infantry.
  • GrW 34 Mortar Team: Portable light artillery useful for bombarding fortified enemy positions or laying down smoke to cover an assault or retreat.
  • Sniper: A single well trained sharpshooter armed with a G43 rifle with high-quality ZF4 optics. Kills infantrymen with one shot at great range and can hide himself while in cover.