Company of Heroes Wiki
Army Soviet Union
Role Heavy Tank
Unit Cost 500Icon Manpower Small 500, 14Icon PopCap Small 14
Prereq. Breakthrough Assault Strategy: Zveroboy
Produced By None
Primary armament 122mm D25-T
Health 1300Icon Health Small 1,300
Armor Heavy
Max. Speed 3.5 m/s

IS-3 is a reward unit for the Soviet Union available in Company of Heroes: Eastern Front.


In late 1944, the IS-2 was upgraded to the IS-3. This tank had an improved armor layout and a hemispherical cast turret which would become the hallmark of post-war Soviet tanks. Despite having thicker armor, it was lighter and stood 30 cm less. This tank is somewhat of a Soviet counterpart of the King Tiger. It is however lighter, faster and more maneuverable, making fast movement around the battlefield possible. The tank is also smaller which aids mobility in urban areas.

In real life the IS-3 was built so late it never saw any actual combat in WW2 proper, unless impressing the Western Allies during the Allied Victory Parade in Berlin counts. The IS line continued to develop into such vehicles as the IS-7 prototype (which had the size and mass of a King Tiger, but armament and armour comparable to the 188 ton Maus combined with moving 50% faster than a King Tiger) and the T-10 (Also sometimes known as IS-8), the last Soviet heavy tank to reach mass-production.


A very rare and powerful Soviet tank that can only be called to the battlefield once.


122mm D25-T[]

The 122 mm gun of the IS-3 fires a shell every 8 seconds, draining 150 points of damage on impact. The gun is accurate and can thus be used as an anti-infantry weapon because the blast radius is 2 meters.


The IS-3 is powerful on its own but nearly unstoppable in a large group of weaker tanks such as T-34s. The IS-3 can win most one on one engagements against most German tanks (the exceptions being the Tiger I, and the King Tiger) but can be put in jeopardy if engaged by itself by a large number of enemy tanks. The IS-3 should be the tip of the spear of any Soviet armored assault due to its powerful 122 mm gun and 110 mm thick armor. The IS-3 lacks machineguns so the T-34s should be used against the enemy infantry while the IS-3 knocks out tank threats.


Because the IS-3 curiously lacks any machineguns, it has limited capability when engaging enemy infantry.

Unsupported IS-3's will likely be overwhelmed by the powerful German tanks such as the Panther or Tiger 1. The tank should be supported by other tanks and infantry at all times.

IS 3 heavy tank was removed in the current version of Eastern Front v2.3 .