Hill 192 is the ninth mission of the American campaign of Company of Heroes.

Background Edit

Between Able company and Hill 192 lies the maze-like bocage nestled within German 88s, Panzers and concealed infantry. Able's orders are to secure Hill 192 before advancing towards St. Lo.


Primary ObjectivesEdit

1.) Capture Hill 192.

"Able Company orders are to capture Hill 192. Elements 352nd Grenadier Rgt. are defending all the approaches to the hill. Advance with caution."

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

1.) Destroy Artillery tower

"Axis Artillery spotters are coordinating artillery strikes from the Tower. Destroy the Tower to silence the Axis rockets."

Medal ObjectivesEdit

1.) Capture Hill 192 in 60 minutes

"Capture Hill 192 within the required time."

Medal EarnedEdit

Soldier's MedalEdit

Awarded for capturing Hill 192 in record time.

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