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Hill 192 is the ninth mission of the American campaign of Company of Heroes.


Between Able company and Hill 192 lies the maze-like bocage nestled within German 88s, Panzers and concealed infantry. Able's orders are to secure Hill 192 before advancing towards St. Lo.


Primary Objectives[]

1.) Capture Hill 192.

"Able Company orders are to capture Hill 192. Elements 352nd Grenadier Rgt. are defending all the approaches to the hill. Advance with caution."

Secondary Objectives[]

1.) Destroy Artillery tower

"Axis Artillery spotters are coordinating artillery strikes from the Tower. Destroy the Tower to silence the Axis rockets."

Medal Objectives[]

1.) Capture Hill 192 within the required time

Note: Required time varied with difficulty. 60/50/40/30 minutes for Easy/Normal/Hard/Veteran respectively.

Medal Earned[]

Soldier's Medal[]

Awarded for capturing Hill 192 in record time

Tips on the medal[]

Medal for this mission is easily the most difficult one to get in vanilla COH, especially on Veteran in which the time limit is only 30 minutes. However it is proven possible.

  • There is simply not enough resource time to attack from both directions as the game advised. So, focus on the left route only.
  • Build Tank Depot to get the free dozer-equipped Crocodile, ASAP. There is only one bush near the final objective that must be cleared by the dozer. Before that is done, the Crocodile must not die. Also, the Crocodile may be the only tool efffective in clearing out many garrisoned buildings.
  • Infantry shall be the cornerstone of this attack. Arm the riflemen with BAR and summon as many Rangers as possible. Use an M3 Halftrack to reinforce troops on the go.
  • Taking an AT with the attack force should be considered. Although it may slow the pace down a bit, the benefit of taking out German tanks with minimal casulties is obvious. Also, there is one Flak 88 on the way that must be dealt with, consider capturing it.
  • It is strongly advised to keep the Calliope alive at all costs. It can be used to silence the artillery tower (the secondary objective) and to soften up the defenses around the hilltop.
  • At last, rush multiple squads of rangers to capture the flag with other remaining units as diversion. Even if that means the result will be pyrrhic, the victory and the medal will prove their sacrifice is not in vain.


  • There is a Thompson SMG in a ditch on the western part of the map that can be picked up and used by infantry that normally wouldn't have access to the weapon, as it does not have a chance to drop from units when they are killed.