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Hill 112: Saving Sanity is the fifth mission for the British campaign.


"He who controls Hill 112, controls Normandy." Contact with the Royal Scots Engineers on Hill 112 has been lost. Boudica's Boys must return to the hill to ensure it is not recaptured.


After Carpiquet is taken, Captain Cutting loses contact with the RSE, whose last message was that the hill was under attack. The RSE is left with no choice but to hold the hill from the German counterattack.

Mission Objectives[]

1) Hold Hill 112


Royal Engineers Badge

Awarded for keeping the route to Hill 112 through the Odon river open.


  • Buildings such as Casualty Clearing Stations will be carried over from the previous mission, but not emplacements.
  • Mines, barbed wire, and sandbags will also be carried over.
  • Reinforcements will arrive, provided the roads are secured. The roads are considered open if the points on the other side of the river are either neutral or owned.
  • A few defensive positions of infantry in trenches covered by MG emplacements can be effective in keeping the hill.
  • A combination of Cromwells and Fireflies obtained from reinforcements can make for an effective patrol group later on when the enemy starts sending in Panzer IVs.
  • A good way to hold the towns is to keep an infantry squad and a Lieutenant in each town accompanied by a tank of some sort. Though the game suggests to reposition the field trucks to the hill, they can be left in the towns as an effective way to reinforce any nearby squads.