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Hill 112 is the second mission for the British campaign, based on the actual Operation Epsom


Operation Epsom. The Germans have blunted 2nd Army's frontal assault on Caen. The next plan is to outflank Caen from the west and surround its defenders. 3rd Battalion's orders are to secure Hill 112 that overlooks the western approaches to Caen.


Major Blackmore and Captain Cutting look over the field as their troops pull in. Lieutenant Bailey assigns Corporal Degnan to establish a base of operations and clear a path to Hill 112, taking one of or both villages of Tourmauville and Baron-sur-Odon.

Mission Objectives[]

1) Deploy the Field Support Truck

2) Clear either Tourmauville or Baron-sur-Odon

3) Deploy the Command Truck to Tourmauville/Baron-sur-Odon

4) Capture Hill 112

5) Hold Hill 112


Distinguished Service Order

Awarded for capturing both villages of Tourmauville and Baron-sur-Odon.


  • A 3" Mortar Emplacement can prove useful in eliminating the Pak 38s across the river.
  • A 25 Pounder Gun Howitzer, in kind, can also be useful in eliminating enemies in either town if placed correctly.
  • The Germans will destroy one of the bridges, notable by the audio countdown at whatever bridge is being blown.
  • Use a swift combination of tanks, Cromwell or Churchill, with infantry support to take over the towns quickly.
  • Panthers will appear once Hill 112 is captured. Be sure all units are healthy.