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Highway 69 is the fourth mission of the Market Garden campaign of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.


Critical to Operation Market Garden, the British 30th Corps' tanks are advancing along Highway 69 to relieve the paratroops. Kampfgruppe Lehr has been mobilized near Valkenswaard. Their objective is to occupy the town and delay 30th Corps.


Primary Objectives[]

1.1.) Scout the Road

"Send forces up the road to find and eliminate all enemy forces."

1.2.) Eliminate Recon Force in Valkenswaard

"Assault the town of Valkenswaard and eliminate the Command tank leading the recon force."

2.) Establish a Field Barracks

"Garrison the church at the center of town. Ensure the territory is in supply, then upgrade the church to a Field Barracks."

3.1.) Prepare Ambush for the Armored Column

"Build base structures, defenses, and road blocks around the town. Deploy Marder IIIs to key chokepoints."

3.2.) Delay the Armored Column

"Prevent the 30th Corps Tank Column from capturing all the Strategic Points along Highway 69."

Secondary Objectives[]

1.) Destroy the Artillery

"British Self-Propelled Artillery is bombarding the defensive line, take it out to stop the artillery."

Medal Objectives[]

1.) Capture and Hold High 69

"Capture and hold all the Strategic Points along the major roadway."

Medal Earned[]

Infantry Assault Badge[]

Awarded for capturing and holding the main route through Valkenswaard.

Tactical Advice[]

-You don't have to head directly into Valkenswaard, and in fact it's not a good idea to do so--the areas to the left and right of town across the canals have plenty of Brits in them who will be a massive hassle if you don't clear them out, and you can (and should) do that before taking the town.

-Remember your pause button! There's a lot that needs doing before XXX Corps arrives, and don't be afraid to use the pause button to make sure you can coordinate the dozen or so different things you need to be doing.

-The main British assault will come down the Highway, but unless you block it off, the Brits will also send troops into the south/right area and flank the town via the middle bridge there.

-You'll need Marders or swarms of Panzerschreks to deal with the medium and heavy armor, but your armored cars can easily handle chasing down Stuarts and light vehicles. Keep them away from the threats they can't face!

-The road points provide you with, at best, minimal manpower supply--Scorch and Booby-Trap them to force the British to take as much time as possible on them.