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Heavy Panzer Korps
Role Armored vehicle production facility
Unit Cost 100CoH2 Manpower Icon 100
Prereq. Battle Phase 3
Produced By Pioneer Squad
Health 2000Icon Health Small 2,000
Armor ?
Produces (3)
Production Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar COH2 Ostheer
Sturmpanzer IV "Brummbar"
  • Assault gun armed with a howitzer. Effective against infantry, light vehicles and structures.
  • Cost: 470CoH2 Manpower Icon 470, 160CoH2 Fuel Icon 160, 14CoH2 Population Icon 14

Production Panther COH2 Ostheer
  • Medium-Heavy tank with exceptional front armor. Effective against armor.
  • Cost: 490CoH2 Manpower Icon 490, 175CoH2 Fuel Icon 175, 16CoH2 Population Icon 16

Production Panzerwerfer 42 COH2 Ostheer
Panzerwerfer 42
  • Long range artillery halftrack
  • Cost: 360CoH2 Manpower Icon 360, 85CoH2 Fuel Icon 85, 12CoH2 Population Icon 12
Abilities (2)
Ability Reinforce Squad COH2
Reinforce Squad
  • Can reinforce nearby infantry units.
  • Costs vary by unit type.

Ability All Out War COH2
All Out War
  • Reduces reinforce cost of Pioneers, Grenadiers, Osstruppen, MG-42 and Pak 40.

The Heavy Panzer Korps produces mobile rocket artillery and heavier, specialized armored vehicles for the Wehrmacht Ostheer.

Unit Construction[]

  • Sturmpanzer IV 'Brummbar': A dedicated assault gun for attacking enemy positions and infantry. With veterancy, it can devastate an area with a short range bunker buster barrage.
  • Panther Pz.Kpfw. V Medium Tank: A more powerful but more expensive medium tank for the Wehrmacht. A specialized tank killer that is weaker against infantry.
  • Panzerwerfer 42 Multiple Rocket Launcher : The Panzerwerfer 42 is a lightly armored halftrack that can launch suppressive rocket artillery at enemy troops.


Ability All Out War COH2 All Out War[]

  • No Cost.
  • Passive.

This passive ability reduces the reinforcement cost of several squads. All Out War ability becomes active once the building has been constructed and never deactivates.

Old Cost New Cost
Pioneer Squad 25CoH2 Manpower Icon 25 23CoH2 Manpower Icon 23
Grenadiers 30CoH2 Manpower Icon 30 28CoH2 Manpower Icon 28
Team Weapon Crews
(MG42, Mortar, Pak 40, Pak 43)
22CoH2 Manpower Icon 22 20CoH2 Manpower Icon 20
10.5cm LeFH 18 Crew 30CoH2 Manpower Icon 30 27CoH2 Manpower Icon 27
Osttruppen 16CoH2 Manpower Icon 16 15CoH2 Manpower Icon 15