Veterancy Headquarters Command Truck 0
Headquarters Command Truck
Unit HQ Command Truck
An HQ Command Truck set up inside the British base
Role Mobile Production Structure / Headquarters
Unit Cost 400Icon Manpower Small.png 400
One is provided free at the start of any Skirmish/Multiplayer battle
Upkeep per Minute -1.34Icon Manpower Small.png -1.34
Prereq. None
Produced By None; called in from the field
Primary armament None
Health 1000Icon Health Small.png 1,000
Armor Heavy
Max. Speed 3 m/s

The Headquarters Command Truck, also called the HQ Truck, is a mobile structure that acts as a Headquarters and primary production facility for the British faction in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. It establishes the Army's command territory wherever it is placed, and produces both basic infantry and vehicle units as well as the other British Command Trucks required for more advanced units. Like the other trucks, it can move about the battlefield to bring it closer to the front lines when required, though it has no offensive capabilities of its own.

Overview Edit

Instead of a stationary structure, the British use Command Trucks as the primary production facilities for their army. These are essentially vehicles which can set themselves up in any occupied territory to begin production of other units. These vehicles also double as resource-gathering units that can increase the output of Munitions- and Fuel-production in the sector where they are placed.

The Headquarters Command Truck is the most basic of these structures, and is immediately available to the British army at the start of any Skirmish/Multiplayer battle. Once this vehicle is set up, it can begin producing low-tier British units like the Infantry Section, and can later produce other Command Trucks which will subsequently produce the other units that make up the British force.

The Headquarters Command Truck is a vehicle, not a structure. It can be instructed to relocate from one sector to another, bringing it closer to the front lines or away from enemy troops as required. This allows the British to move their HQ territory to wherever they need it, affecting resource production and the rally point for retreating Infantry in the process. The Truck must be "Set Up" in order to produce any units or collect resources.

There can only be one Headquarters Command Truck on the field at any time. If it is destroyed, the player can call in another truck using a Company Commander ability at the cost of 400Icon Manpower Small.png 400. The truck itself does not consume Population Cap points.

The Truck's primary purpose is to produce Infantry Sections and Lieutenants, but of course it is also required for calling in the Field Support Truck and Armor Command Truck which will then be used to create other units. The Headquarters Command Truck also produces Bren Carriers.

Additionally, the sector in which the Headquarters Command Truck is Set Up will produce either +1 Manpower, +80% Munitions, or +80% Fuel, depending on the type of resource point in that sector.

Protecting the HQ Truck is paramount, mainly because it has no weapons to defend itself, though it is about as well-armored as a heavy tank. Whenever the truck is in motion, it is more vulnerable to enemy attacks. Additionally, while in motion the British have no Headquarters Territory, and so all resource production from captured sectors is temporarily halted until the truck is Set Up anywhere. Only basic Manpower collection (minus the Manpower acquired from Strategic Points) continues.

Finally, note that the Headquarters Command Truck is the destination for any infantry unit that uses the "Retreat" ability, but only when fully set up or packing to move. When the truck is mobile or setting up, the units retreat to either a friendly HQ building or truck, or the British reinforcement point.

Production Edit

The Headquarters Command Truck can initially produce three units: the Infantry Section (the basic Infantry unit for the British Army), the Lieutenant (a low-level officer), and a Bren Carrier (a light transport). Once a Lieutenant is fielded, the Headquarters Command Truck can call in a Field Support Truck for further production. To create the final vehicle in its arsenal, the Armor Command Truck, the Headquarters Command Truck must wait until a Captain can be produced.

Production of any unit is only possible if the Headquarters Command Truck is Set Up in friendly territory.

Production Infantry Section Infantry Section Edit

  • Costs 450Icon Manpower Small.png 450, 5Icon PopCap Small.png 5
  • Takes 37 seconds to produce

The Infantry Section is the core of the British Army. It is a predominantly anti-infantry squad, which can be armed with various anti-infantry weapons to augment its defensive and/or offensive capabilities.

The Infantry Section is used primarily for defense, especially by creating various anti-infantry emplacements such as the Slit Trench and Vickers Machine Gun Emplacement. Hardy and well-trained, they can handle large enemy infantry attacks with little support from other vehicles, but almost entirely lack any sort of anti-tank capabilities.

The Infantry Section is extremely expensive for a basic infantry unit.

Production Lieutenant Lieutenant Edit

  • Costs 250Icon Manpower Small.png 250, 15Icon Fuel Small.png 15, 1Icon PopCap Small.png 1
  • Takes 40 seconds to produce
  • No more than 3 Lieutenants can exist on the battlefield simultaneously

The Lieutenant is a low-level officer, a single soldier whose only purpose is to accumulate Veterancy and provide bonuses to other Infantry units in his vicinity.

The Lieutenant can be told to follow an Infantry unit at a "command distance" of up to 30 meters. Any Infantry unit within that distance (whether followed or not) receives bonuses to its combat properties based on the Lieutenant's level of Veterancy.

Veterancy is accumulated by the Lieutenant, rather than by the infantry units themselves. In fact, kills made by Infantry is "leaked through" to nearby Lieutenants, so they don't actually have to kill anyone themselves. Nonetheless, the Lieutenant is armed with a Sten SMG for self-defense, though he should not be exposed to enemy fire.

Lieutenants can also use their abilities to lead a Heroic Charge, allowing nearby Infantry to ignore Suppression for a short time.

The Lieutenant is required for further production of higher-level units at the Headquarters Command Truck.

Production Bren Carrier Bren Carrier Edit

  • Costs 280Icon Manpower Small.png 280, 10Icon Fuel Small.png 10, 4Icon PopCap Small.png 4
  • Takes 35 seconds to produce

The Bren Carrier is a lightly-armored personnel carrier, armed with a Bren LMG.

As a personnel carrier, it can fit any single Infantry unit or officer, transporting them throughout the battlefield to where they are needed. While inside the Bren Carrier, the troops gain significant protection from small-arms, though the entire vehicle is more susceptible to anti-vehicle weapons than an infantry troop on the ground. Infantry in a Bren Carrier can continue firing at enemy targets, and can even use its special abilities if it has any.

The Bren Carrier can repair itself for a nominal fee of Munitions.

It can also be upgraded with a Vickers MMG, replacing the Bren Gun and basically turning the vehicle into a mobile Vickers Machine Gun Emplacement. However, this removes its ability to carry troops.

Ability Call For Additional Support HQs Call for Additional Support HQs Edit

The Headquarters Command Truck can call two other Command Trucks into the battlefield. These trucks serve to produce the other types of units that make up the British force.

Field Support Truck Edit

Production Field Support Truck
  • Costs 185Icon Manpower Small.png 185, 30Icon Fuel Small.png 30
  • Takes 70 seconds to produce
  • Requires at least one Lieutenant already in the field.
The Field Support Truck is the first Command Truck to become available at the start of the battle, provided at least a single Lieutenant has been produced. The Field Support Truck will set itself up at the selected destination, and can then begin producing support units for the British Army.
The Field Support Truck can produce Sappers to complement the Infantry Sections produced by the Headquarters Command Truck. Sappers are responsible for building heavier defensive emplacements, and can be fitted with anti-tank weaponry themselves if needed. Captains are also produced at the Field Support Truck, and unlocks further unit construction. Once a Captain is produced, the Field Support Truck can then create a Stuart Light Tank, to provide a fast anti-vehicle platform for early defense and later reconnaissance and support.
Note that the Field Support Truck can also increase resource production in the sector where it is set up, reinforce infantry units in its vicinity, and like the Headquarters Command Truck can be moved from sector to sector.

Armor Command Truck Edit

Production Armor Command Truck
  • Costs 205Icon Manpower Small.png 205, 65Icon Fuel Small.png 65
  • Takes 70 seconds to produce
  • Requires a Captain already in the field.
The Armor Command Truck is the British Army's primary tank-producing facility. It becomes available once the British have created a Captain. The Armor Command Truck will set itself up at the selected destination, and can then begin producing medium tanks for the British Army.
The Armor Command Truck can produce Cromwell Tanks and Cromwell Command Tanks immediately. The Cromwell is a medium tank that can provide general-purpose offensive capabilities, destroying both infantry and vehicles, though only mediocre in anti-tank warfare. The Command Tank is unarmed, but like the infantry officers described above will accumulate Veterancy and enhance the performance of other tanks near its position.
Once a single Command Tank has been produced, the Armor Command Truck can then create Sherman Firefly tanks. These are specialized anti-tank vehicles, providing the British army with a mobile method of taking out enemy armor. Until they can be created, the British army relies primarily on 17 Pounder AT Gun emplacements to deal with enemy medium- and heavy-armor.
Again, the Armor Command Truck can also increase resource production in the sector where it is set up, reinforce infantry units in its vicinity, and move from sector to sector as required.


The Headquarters Command Truck's most defining trait is its ability to relocate from one sector to another, unlike the headquarters structures of other factions. In addition, it can reinforce any nearby infantry unit in the same way as other Command Trucks are able to do.

Ability Become Mobile Become Mobile Edit

  • Costs nothing
  • Activation: Immediate
  • Takes 10 seconds to complete
  • Requires the truck to already be Set Up

When this ability is selected, the Headquarters Command Truck will begin releasing itself from its own defensive emplacement. Once the process is done, the Truck will have become a vehicle instead of a structure, and can move freely as any other vehicle.

While Mobile, the Headquarters Command Truck is very vulnerable, suffering significantly more damage from enemy attacks compared to when it is entrenched. It is vital to keep it away from enemy territory, and make sure to set it up elsewhere as soon as possible.

Most importantly: while the Truck is Mobile, the British player has no HQ territory. As a result, all sectors under the player's control will stop supplying resources entirely (they can be seen flashing in the mini-map). Some Manpower will continue to accumulate, minus any Manpower points coming from captured sectors, but all Fuel and Munitions production will stop.

Finally, while Mobile, the Headquarters Command Truck cannot reinforce nearby infantry or produce any units.

Ability Set Up Set Up Edit

  • Costs nothing
  • Activation: Target Ground (friendly territory)
  • Takes 10 seconds to complete
  • Requires the truck to be already Mobile

When this ability is activated, select a point on the ground inside a friendly territory, and then a direction relative to that point. The Headquarters Command Truck will proceed to the selected location, turn in the specified direction, and then begin entrenching itself into the ground. Once the process is complete, the Truck will have become a structure instead of a vehicle, and can begin producing units as normal.

The territory where the Headquarters Command Truck is Set Up immediately becomes your new HQ Sector. All sectors that are directly linked back to it will resume production of resources. Sectors not directly liked to your HQ territory will flash grey on the mini-map and will not produce resources until you can manage to link them.

Any territory secured by the Headquarters Command Truck will produce extra Manpower, Munitions or Fuel, depending on the type of resource point in that sector. The Truck does not have to be parked next to the resource point to acquire this upgrade. The bonus is equivalent to about +1 Manpower, or +80% Munitions/Fuel as appropriate.

While Set Up, the Headquarters Command Truck is more resistant to damage than when mobile. In fact it is one of the tougher structures in the game. It can also reinforce any nearby infantry unit up to a range of about 20 meters away.

Note also that the sector in which the Truck is Set Up will also produce an increased number of Munitions or Fuel (if it produces either at all), especially if the Truck has the Secured Resourcing upgrade.

When setting up is done before reaching the selected position, it can cause an error where truck can do nothing but moving and setting a rally point. It looks like it has been set up, yet it can still move on a full speed. Production orders will be not executed. The only solution is to make it destroyed by the enemy, and get the new one. See the last picture in the gallery.

Ability Reinforce Squad Reinforce Squad Edit

  • Costs vary based on reinforced unit
  • Activation: Through the target unit's menu
  • Duration varies based on reinforced unit
  • Requires the truck to be Set Up

Any infantry squad within 20 meters of the Set Up Headquarters Command Truck can replenish lost men for a specific cost and duration determined by the type of unit being reinforced.

Note that the Truck does not heal wounded infantry - it can only replace men who have fallen in battle.

The truck must be Set Up for this to work.

Upgrades Edit

Like the other Command Trucks, the Headquarters Command Truck can receive two different upgrades to enhance its performance. One is the Secured Resourcing upgrade, which enables the truck to gather more resources from the sector where it is Set Up. The other is the Speed Governors upgrade, which increases the Truck's maximum speed while Mobile.

Upgrade Secured Resourcing Secured Resourcing Edit

  • Costs 250Icon Manpower Small.png 250, 25Icon Fuel Small.png 25
  • Takes 35 seconds to complete
  • Requires that no other Truck currently has this upgrade

With the Secured Resourcing upgrade, the sector in which the Headquarters Command Truck is Set Up will produce +80% more Munitions or Fuel - provided that it produces either of these at all. This bonus is cumulative with the basic resource bonus provided by the Truck, giving a total of +160% Munitions/Fuel production in those sectors. Strategic Point sectors do not produce extra Manpower in this way, though they still get a +1 bonus for the truck's presence as normal.

Note that this upgrade can only be installed on one Command Truck at a time. Once installed on a Truck, no other Truck can receive the same upgrade until the original Truck is destroyed.

Upgrade Speed Governors Speed Governors Edit

  • Costs 150Icon Manpower Small.png 150, 10Icon Fuel Small.png 10
  • Takes 10 seconds to complete

With the Speed Governors upgrade, the truck's maximum speed is increased by +150% (!), making it 2.5 times faster than normal. Additionally, its acceleration and deceleration are doubled.

This upgrade allows the truck to move much faster across the battlefield, to secure necessary resource sectors for increased production, and deploy units in a different part of the map. It also allows the truck to spend less time in Mobile mode, where it is more vulnerable to damage.

Weapons Edit

The Headquarters Command Truck is completely unarmed. It has no offensive capabilities. While it is heavy enough to drive through some obstacles (like low walls and hedgerows), it cannot crush human targets either.

Tactics Edit

The Headquarters Command Truck is the primary unit available to the British Army. Without it, the British cannot create their back-bone Infantry Sections, Lieutenants, and other Command Trucks to produce additional units. Furthermore, it is the Headquarters Command Truck's position that determines where the HQ Territory for the British forces is located, affecting resource production and supply lines across the British-controlled area.

The British rely on a defensive strategy, where a defensive line is established and slowly moved forward as more territory is acquired - often in a piecemeal fashion. To support this strategy, British support logistics can be moved together with the defensive line. The ability to relocate the British headquarters at will allows the British player to react to enemy offensives, keep supply lines short, and reinforce troops where required.

Therefore, you should try to keep the Headquarters Command Truck stationed in a sector that answers as many of these criteria as possible:

  1. A resource sector with high production, to capitalize on the truck's resource bonus.
  2. Any sector that is linked directly to the greatest number of other sectors. Since the truck's position determines your HQ territory, all sectors not directly linked to it will cease producing resources.
  3. Close to the front lines, where retreating infantry can go to replenish their numbers, and new units do not need to travel far to reach your defenses.
  4. Far enough from enemy lines to prevent the Headquarters Command Truck from being overrun or shelled with artillery.

If the enemy discovers the position of your Command Truck, you can always pack it up and retreat to another position. This is a great boon, especially if the truck's been upgraded with Speed Governors, in which case it can zoom away very quickly. However, remember that the Mobile truck is far more vulnerable to damage than when Set Up.

Also remember to spread out your Command Trucks. They are easier to defend while huddled together in a single area, but at the same time present a conventional "base" for the enemy to concentrate its attacks on, and also diminishes the Trucks' potential for gathering resources. Each Truck should optimally be set in a different resource-producing sector (preferably high Munitions and Fuel points), so that each Truck can provide its resource-enhancing bonus. This is because the bonus is not cumulative, so when all trucks are set-up in the same sector, only one truck provides a bonus to resource income, while the others do not.



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