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Hébécrevon is the 11th mission of the American campaign of Company of Heroes.


Able company is ordered on the offensive to hunt down and destroy the remaining Panther tanks of the Panzer Lehr Division.

Mission Events[]

Able Company arrives to the scene with an M10 Tank Destroyer and an M4 Sherman with their Tank Depot and HQ already set up. Engineers must build a base to repel counterattacks. This is the first mission where M10 Tank destroyers are available.

Able Company's objectives are to hunt down and destroy 7 Panther tanks, accompanied by Wehrmacht infantry, vehicles and panzers, also Goliaths.. Some of the Panthers would camouflage themselves, be it inside a building and under foliage, and wait for Able Company to come in order to flank them. Panther Tanks cannot detect camouflaged American snipers, so use them as your advantage before taking them head-on.

The end mission cutscene shows Shultz the Tiger Ace fired a single long-range shot from a great distance at the American officers, which instantly kills Captain McKay. Lt. Conti survives, and calls for a field medic in a vain attempt to save McKay.

Medals Earned[]

Distinguished Service Medal[]

Awarded for completing mission without losing more than specified number (varied with difficulty) of Allied tanks.


  • Establish a strike force, consisting of 2 Sherman Tank for tanking and anti-infantry unit, 1 Jeep to recon, 3 57mm AT to take out Panthers, 2 Engineers to repair the tank, 1 M3 Halftrack for infantry replacement, and 1 Rifeman squad to replace AT crew. Advance them through east and destroy enemy base carefully.
    • If the enemy base was destroyed, advance from the west to flank the Panther while returning to the base.
  • The remaining 2 Panthers will always go on offensive to your base, place some MG Emplacements to suppress the infantries and AT at where the last two Panthers will be coming from. Note that Tank Traps are ineffective against Panthers.
  • Light-armored vehicle, Stugs, Panzer IV, and Infantries will often come to harass your base, set up best kill zone to repel them.



-Move your Sherman and Wolverine out and capture the munitions point near your base, then move to the ridge near the center of the map, by now you should have an M1A1C 76mm upgrade and a second Wolverine.

-Recommend you surround your base with tank traps and only 1 entrance with mines, MG nests, and AT guns so that your units can exit.

-A panther might ambush your forces at the ridge from the left, so watch that flank.

- The continuous flow of halftracks and other harrassments only come from two directions: the forest and the ruined area itself. Fortify these approaches.

-Move up and go around the ridge and you will encounter a heavily fortified forward barracks. Make sure you have 3 Shermans and 3 M10s to make quick work of any tanks.

-After clearing out the barracks, move your main force towards the forest. You will encounter 2 Panther ambushes, one will come out of the factory and the other from the forest.

-After killing both Panthers, move towards the walled area filled with generators and capture it. Recce the surrounding area especially the elevated position at the corner of the map. Recommend doing this with Greyhounds.

- Assault the elevated position and use your Shermans to eliminate any AT guns, and move further towards the other side of the hangars, where you will encounter another panther, then move into the open area, where smoke will drop, and a Panther and several tanks will ambush you. This is because you are one building away from their HQ. Kill all enemies and wipe out the HQ. Then replace your casualties with halftracks and repair your tanks. Recommend 2 veteran engineers with the main force and 1 engineer to stay and maintain the base.

-Move down towards the airstrip, but cut back towards the forward barracks you cleared a while ago. You will encounter a Panther on the way. His rear armor should be exposed. If any other Panther kills are needed, move towards the left side of the map and recce the area with Greyhounds. If you encounter any, send in your tanks to finish the job.