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The Red Guards Division is the most elite faction the Red Army has ever fielded. The Red Guards units possess the best weapons the Red Army can offer because of their elite status. But unlike the vast manpower of the regular soviet army, the Red Guards faction relies on limited numbers of highly elite infantry, armor, and support units to fight their battle.

Basic Force Composition[]


The Red Guards Division makes use of ZiS-5 Command Trucks as their main command post, command posts brings forth Guards Inzhenery which is the main builders of the faction. They build Forward Detachments on any friendly territory, these detachments can be deployed into five different types of main detachments. Each detachments has their own purpose, one detachment can call in light armor and support units while the other one calls in heavy armor.

The Red Guards units do not gain any veterancy through combat because they are already elite and battle-hardened. But they can also benefit on Guards Officers because their nearby presence boosts their combat efficiency.

The difference between the Red Guards units and regular Red Army units is the vast manpower, the Red Guards fields expensive but tough elite units compared to the cheap mediocre units of the Red Army.