Company of Heroes Wiki

Chokepoint Map[]

Gilroy's Harbour is a 2v2 map in which there is a lot of chokepoints in which heavy defences can be set up. Because of the fact that it is a chokepoint map where the map is pretty much cut in two by the "Harbour" it is easy to set-up heavy defences to defend your base. Also since it a small map it is very easy to set up artillery to attempt to blow up either the enemy base directly or the enemies defences. These factors all point to the fact that the British have an advantage as it supports some of the strategies in which they play.

Victory Point Control[]

This map has 3 Victory Points when playing Victory Point Control. It is sometimes debated though whether these Victory Points are evenly distributed around the map so that neither team has an advantage over the other. This is due to the fact that the Victory Point on the hill in the far corner is more easily accessible by players 3 and 4 giving players 1 and 2 a disadvantage as the other two points are clearly one team or the other. This argument is pointless if player 3 and 4 are Axis (Default set-up) as Axis do not generally set-up heavy defences and so having the hill is pointless. If the Allies start off in positions 3 and 4 due to random Starting Location or "Swap Start" with Fixed Locations.