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The Wehrmacht is the main Axis faction featured in Company of Heroes 3.


The Wehrmacht are designed to represent the mid-war German army pitted against the Allied Forces in Italy. Once again, the Wehrmacht are on the defensive, using their firepower, training and experience to weather the onslaught of the Allied Forces. While powerful on the defensive, the army can hit hard on the counterattack with powerful infantry, armor and heavy hitting team weapons.

The Wehrmacht will feature a strong mix of familiar and new units combined with a more complex tech structure and unique faction mechanics, ensuring it stands out as new, fresh and exciting.

Army Attributes[]


  • Defenses – Replicate the famous defensive prowess of the German army with a powerful array of team weapons, field defenses and bunkers
  • Infantry Training – Utilize a variety of infantry units to tackle any obstacle from holding ground to assault
  • Firepower – From powerful heavy machine guns to devastating artillery rockets, the Wehrmacht will have no shortage of heavy hitting weapons.
  • Armor – The Wehrmacht faction possesses powerful armor capable of taking the fight to the enemy and break through their lines


  • Mobility – A large part of the Wehrmacht’s strength comes from powerful, static weapons or slow, lumbering vehicles. This can leave them vulnerable to fast flanking tactics of the allies
  • Complexity – The Wehrmacht have a myriad of powerful but specialist tools at their disposal and employing them effectively can be complex, demanding much of any commander


The new Wehrmacht army gives players many options and decisions to make about what kind of force he/she assembles. Players will be able to choose to invest into powerful team weapons, which while slow, offer enormous firepower and the ability to lock down large areas. Alternatively, the player can choose to deploy powerful light but mobile forces that can strike hard but lack staying power and durability. There will always be different ways the Wehrmacht can tackle any problem; however, unlike the Americans, their choices will be more permanent. When chosen carefully, a Wehrmacht force can efficiently handle any enemy.

In the later stages of a match, the true might of the German war machine can be witnessed through their late-game armor, veterancy and highly trained infantry. This force boasts incredible power and can smash into unprepared enemies when deployed effectively.  

Base Buildings[]

Wehrmacht Headquarters[]

The Wehrmacht Headquarters serves as the starting base structure. It can produce the following units:

  • Pioneer Squad ­– Combat engineers, a key unit for building defenses, repairing, and holding territory through the construction of mines, bunkers, sandbags, and barbed wire. They are armed with MP40 submachine guns and can be upgraded with a Flammenwerfer 35.
  • Sd.Kfz. 2 ‘Kettenkrad’ – A halftrack motorcycle that lacks in combat ability but offers valuable scouting capabilities and point capture. It can be upgraded with MG34 machine gun.

Infantry Command Quarters[]

The Infanterie Division serves as the German's main building for the recruitment of front line and support infantry. It can produce the following units:

  • Grenadier Squad – Well trained and led soldiers armed with the Kar98k and Panzerfaust, they are highly effective at holding ground and supporting other elements.
  • GrW 34 8cm Mortar Team – Accurate and mobile, the Mortar Team provides key fire support attacking enemy strongpoints from afar and provides smoke cover, clearing the way for other forces.
  • MG42 Machine Gun Team – With a wide arc of fire and high rate of fire, the venerable MG42 provides critical automatic firepower. Highly effective against enemy infantry but requires support to secure its flanks.
  • Sniper – An elite sharpshooter that wreaks havoc on enemy infantry without warning and at long range. While reliant on careful positioning and concealment, a sniper used correctly can decimate the enemy.

Luftwaffe Command Quarters[]

The Luftwaffe Kompanie can produce the following units.

  • Jaeger Light Infantry Squad – Highly trained infantry specializing in long range warfare and reconnaissance. Armed with Gewehr 43 Rifles, smoke rifle grenades and Panzerschreks, Jaegers can destroy enemies with precision.
  • Sd.Kfz. 221 ‘Armored Scout Car’ – Intended for reconnaissance and scouting, this armored scout car is also adept at engaging infantry and even light vehicles when upgraded with the 2.8 cm Panzerbuchse 41.
  • Flak 30 Anti-Aircraft Gun Team – The Flak 30 AA Gun Team can control large areas with its overwhelming firepower, shredding infantry, light vehicles and aircraft alike. It is however slow and vulnerable on its flanks, relying on support from other units to perform effectively.
  • Sd.Kfz. 161/4 Flakpanzer IV "Wirbelwind" – Mounting a set of four 2cm Flak 38 guns in a quad-mount on a Panzer IV chassis, the Wirbelwind is a terrifying beast that unleashes a storm of steel annihilating infantry, light vehicles, and aircraft alike.
  • Sd.Kfz. 138 “Marder III” Tank Hunter – A combination of the powerful 7.5cm Pak 40 Anti-Tank Gun mounted on a lightly armored Panzer 38(t) chassis, the Marder III is a tank destroyer that can deliver a heavy punch but not receive it.

Panzergrenadier Command Quarters[]

The Panzergrenadier Kompanie provides the Wehrmacht Army with units that hit hard on both the attack and on the defense. It can deploy a powerful mechanized spearhead of assault infantry and vehicles or team weapons with devastating firepower. While not as adept at countering enemy infantry, it can easily blunt and destroy enemy armor. It can produce the following units:

  • Panzergrenadier Squad – Specialized infantry troops equipped with StG44 assault rifles and bundled hand grenades intended to assault and flush out enemy positions. While terrifying at short range, the squad can struggle at longer ranges.
  • Pak40 Anti-Tank Gun – The heavy hitting but slow anti-tank gun hurls steel shells effective at penetrating and destroying all but the heaviest allied armor
  • Sd.Kfz 251 Half-Track – The 251 is an armored mobile transport vehicle highly capable at performing important support duties like transport and reinforcement. Can be upgraded with the 75mm L/24 gun which allows it to offer close fire support.
  • Sd.Kfz. 142 ‘Sturmgeshutz III’ Assault Gun – One of the best armored vehicles in the war, the StuG is a heavily armored, self-propelled 7.5cm assault gun intended to support infantry and destroy enemy armor.
  • Nebelwerfer 42 Rocket Launcher Team – The Nebelwerfer can unleash devastation from afar with volleys of 21 cm rockets, destroying defensive positions and scattering the enemy. It is key in both defensive and offensive operations, however, is slow and vulnerable to enemy attack.

Panzer Command[]

From Panzer Command deploy the most powerful units that the Wehrmacht has to offer, from elite infantry to heavy armor. These elements will allow the German commander to wholeheartedly switch to the offense, smashing through enemy lines. It can produce the following units:

  • ‘Stoβtruppen’ Infantry Squad – These shock troops while small in number, strike armed with some of the best weaponry of the army. They can handle most enemy threats but require support to fight Allied armor.
  • Sd.Kfz. 161/1 ‘Panzer IV’ Medium Tank – The iconic Panzer IV is equipped with a powerful long-barreled 7.5cm turret and protected with thick armor, making it more than a match for Allied armor and infantry.
  • Sd.Kfz. 166 Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbar” – Truly a breakthrough weapon, the heavily armored Brummbar can shrug off hits and deliver devastating blows with its front gun. It excels at breaking through the toughest enemy defenses, punching a hole for its allies to exploit.

Defensive Structures[]

The following structures can be built by infantry such as the Pioneer squad.

  • Sandbag Wall: Wall of sandbags that provide heavy cover, can be vaulted over.
  • Barbed Wire Fence: Row of barbed wire that blocks infantry from moving through the area.
  • Fighting Nest: A wooden structure that can be garrisoned to defend and hold territory.
  • Tank Trap: Tank traps block light and medium vehicles from moving through an area.
  • Mine: Mine that is triggered by proximity, dealing damage in an area.
  • Concrete Bunker: Static emplacement, can be upgraded in a Repair Bunker or a MG42 Bunker.

Battlegroup Units[]

Battlegroup units are units that are called in from off map locations. Usually, these units are extremely effective at what they were designed to do. They are the following units:

  • Mechanized Assault Group: Armored Personnel Carrier garrisoned with Stoßtruppen to be deployed.
  • Tiger Heavy Tank: Heavy tank armed with an 88mm main gun.

Field Marshalls[]

The Tech upgrades or “Field Marshalls” for the Wehrmacht Army provide the army with three distinct themes and playstyles – Special Operations, Mechanized, and Defensive. These exclusive upgrades provide each unit in the army with unique veterancy abilities and unlock different squad upgrades and passive bonuses.

The Field Marshall upgrade is an exclusive choice, meaning picking one of these three Field Commanders will lock out the other two.

Special Operations Field Marshal[]

The Special Operations Field Marshall focuses on reconnaissance, special weapons, infiltration and ambush tactics. Each unit in the army receives Special Operations training, providing them with a unique veterancy ability tailored to this theme. For example, team weapons and tanks receive camouflage training allowing them to ambush the enemy.

  • Focused on reconnaissance, ambush and stealth tactics
  • Unlocks Special Operations themed Veterancy 1 abilities for the army
  • Unlocks Vehicle Ambush Camouflage upgrade

Mechanized Field Marshall[]

The Mechanized Field Marshall focuses on anti-vehicle, blitzkrieg and armored support tactics. Each unit in the army receives advanced Mechanized training, providing them with a unique veterancy 1 ability tailored to this theme of warfare. For example, infantry earn a combined arms bonus when near supporting vehicles.

  • Focused on anti-tank, blitzkrieg and armored support tactics
  • Unlocks Mechanized themed Veterancy 1 abilities for the army
  • Unlocks the Panzer and StuG Side Skirt upgrades

Defensive Field Marshall[]

The Defensive Field Marshall focuses on heavy defenses, holding territory and counter-attack tactics. Each unit in the army receives advanced Defensive training, providing them with a unique veterancy 1 ability tailored to this theme of warfare. For example, team weapons are able to set-up and pack-up more quickly allowing them to displace and re-position to support / defend against assaults more effectively.

  • Focused on heavy defenses, holding territory, and counter-attack tactics
  • Unlocks Defensive themed Veterancy 1 abilities for the army
  • Unlocks S-Mine Fields and Fortress Pioneers upgrade