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Enhance the survivability of your tanks and vehicles; defensive smoke, the ability to go hull-down, and a Panzer IV Command Tank ensure your vehicles can live longer and fight harder, while aerial recon allow you to see threats and engage them at long range with the Elefant Heavy Tank Destroyer.

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Fortified Armor Doctrine
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Panzer Tactician
All armored vehicles use their equipped smoke dischargers to prevent themselves from being seen.
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Stuka Reconnaissance Overflight
Available aircraft will make a reconnaissance loiter on the targeted location to reveal enemy forces.
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Hull Down
Pioneers, Grenadiers and Panzer Grenadiers are able to set German armor in an immobile Hull Down position, increasing defenses and damage.
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Command Tank
A Panzer IV Command Tank that improves nearby forces can be deployed to the battlefield.
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Elefant Tank Destroyer
Allows the requisition of the Elefant Tank Destroyer to the battlefield.

About the doctrine

Durability and defensive areal denial are the focus of this commander. Your armor gets multiple benefits improving survival, recon to keep you aware of the enemy, and tank destroyer to deny armor play on areas it overwatches.

Panzer tactician grants your vehicles personal smokescreens to avoid death or they can be used to mask your movement.

Reconnaissance overflight gives you way to see opponents moves, giving you edge in many situations, seeing what tier he is building, where high value units are and gives sightline for your units to outgun opponents.

Hull Down gives tanks way to work as defensive positions, alongside giving them buffs in accuracy and reload speed and durability, while sacrificing mobility. Works best when holding enemy offensive or keeping important area under your toe.

Panzer 4 command tank gives you additional anti infantry unit, that has aura that reduces damage that surrounding units take by 1/5. This can help your medium tanks win fights even against advanced enemy tanks such as sherman easy eight and t 34 85.

Lastly, the Elephant tank destroyer finishes this commander as defensive powerhouse, being able to destroy medium tanks in 2 shots and more heavy tanks requiring only few too, while being able to sustain considerable amounts of damage, watch out for flanks however.