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When activated, Firestorm calls in a barrage of incendiary rockets over a fairly large area. The barrage lasts about 15 seconds and does heavy damage to infantry and moderate damage to vehicles and buildings. Before the barrage ensues the area is marked by beacons, and the artillery takes long enough to hit that the enemy may retreat if they are fast enough.


  • Target the enemy base. Your enemy can't retreat their buildings from a firestorm in their base and their only chance is to move units away from it. Firestorm deals good damage to the buildings and British emplacements, and will do slight damage over time at every spot where a rocket hits. Note that this works better versus the British because it is usually easier to get close to British Command Trucks than to American HQ's. Just be sure your enemy doesn't have a captain somewhere where he can retreat his infantry away from the HQ.
  • Gain map control. When your enemy is attacking and you get his units suppressed or prevent them from dodging, using Firestorm is a great way to ensure a lot of casualties or force the enemy to retreat back to their base. At this point you can go ahead and gain control of the map while the enemy is reinforcing and regrouping his units.
  • Target Weapon Teams. Given that they require time to pack up their gear, Weapon Teams like Mortar Teams, Machine Gun Team and AT Guns will have a hard time escaping the Firestorm's area of effect, and thanks to the heavy damage to infantry it is very likely that a single rocket will kill the entire crew, and maybe the gun as well.