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COH 2 German Commander Portrait - Festung Support
Festung Support Doctrine
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Command Tank
A Panzer IV Command Tank that improves nearby forces can be deployed to the battlefield.
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COH 2 Commander Ability Icon - Mortar Half-track 2
SdKfz 250/7 Mortar Half-track
The SdKfz 250/7 Mortar Half-track with its 8cm mortar can provide vital battlefield support for infantry forces.
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COH 2 Commander Ability Icon - Forward Supply Station 5
Forward Supply Station
Allows ambient buildings to be converted into a Forward Supply Station. This depot will allow infantry to reinforce and automatically repair nearby vehicles. Vehicles will also fire faster when near this structure. Repair bunkers are also available.
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Relief Infantry
Command releases reserve infantry to replace losses suffered during combat. Forces will be replaced with Osttruppen infantry.
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Sector Artillery
Enemy units entering the targeted sector are barraged with 10.5cm artillery.