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Panzerjager "Elefant"
Army Ostheer
Role Heavy Tank Hunter
Unit Cost 800Icon Manpower Small 800
12Icon PopCap Small 12
Produced By None
Primary armament 8.8 cm StuK 43/2
Secondary armament None or 1× 7.92 mm Maschinengewehr 34
Health 1064Icon Health Small 1,064
Armor Heavy
Max. Speed 3 m/s
50Icon Munitions Small 50 Damage Turret: Breaks the turret of a tank
FreeIcon Munitions Small Free Site main gun: Elefant becomes immobile and is granted higher range

"What do you want us to eat on our breakfast?"

"Eliminating the enemies!"

"Engine power to 500 PS!"

The "Schwerer Panzerjäger Tiger(P)" (which means "heavy tankhunter Tiger(P)") is a german tank destroyer featured in Company of Heroes: Eastern Front and is used by Army Fortress Troops. It features a powerful gun, comparably high range and thick armour. It is best used in combination with other anti-tank weapons, such as Panzer IV-F2 or Panzer III with 50mm KwK39 upgrade as it's very slow moving and can be flanked easily. It has a high shock value in team games and is a hardcounter toward soviet self propelled guns (SU 85/SU 100).



88 mm StuK 43/2
The main cannon of the Ferdinand and Elefant is the 88 mm StuK 43/2. Which can put up to 165 damage and reloads 5 seconds that will give a maximum range of 45 m. When sited, the range will increase to 60m.
Maschinengewehr 34
The anti-infantry weapon of the tank, featured only on the Elefant does 6 damage per hit and bursts 15-30 rounds per reload and reloads 3 seconds that will give it a maximum range of 30 m.


A 200 mm of armor is applied in the glacis plate that can deflect, take many shots from other tanks, which means the Ferdinand or Elefant is hard to destroy.