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Okw fallscrim portrait
Army Oberkommando West
Men per Squad 4
Production Cost 340Icon Manpower Small 340 9Icon PopCap Small 9
Upkeep per minute 13Icon Manpower Small 13
Reinforce Cost 36Icon Manpower Small 36


Fallschirmjägers are the elite infantry of the Oberkommando West's Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine in Company of Heroes 2. Like the American paratroopers, the Fallschirmjägers will parachute on the battlefield when called in. Fallschirmjägers can reinforce anywhere when the Airbone Assault ability is used. Unlike the American paratroopers, the squad size for the Fallschirmjagers are smaller, only 4 men per squad. To compensate for the small squad size, Fallschirmjagers are given immensely strong firepower from their FG42 rifles and are incredibly accurate.


The Fallschirmjäger squad is armed with 2x FG42 selective-fire battle rifles and 2 normal Kar-98k. These advanced rifles are effective against other infantry units at all ranges. The FG42 rifles gives Fallschirmjager squads unparalleled firepower against other infantry units, and this negates the disadvantage that Fallschirmjager squads face in numbers. 2 Extra FG42 can be researched after the Schwerer Panzer Headquarters is built.


Bundle Grenades - Order the Fallschirmjägers to throw a powerful grenade bundle consisting of 5 M24 grenades tied to one handle. It is significantly more powerful than a regular grenade, and when used correctly can eliminate infantry with ease and even cause damage to light vehicles.

Blendkörper 2H Frangible Smoke Grenade - Fallschirmjäger squad throws a chemical grenade which creates a smoke screen that blocks vision and damages infantry squads inside the cloud. It never kills the infantry, but deals a lot of damage what makes them easier to kill.

First Strike Bonus - Fallschirmjäger squad will recieve a 25% accuracy bonus when attacking out of their invisibility. Only works when the Fallschirmjäger squad attack first from their invisibility. Bonus does not set in when they are being attacked first.


Veterancy 1 - Unlocks the 'Blendkörper 2H Frangible Smoke Grenade' ability

Veterancy 2 - -29% received accuracy, passive cloak, will remain hidden when moving cover to cover.

Veterancy 3 - +30% accuracy, -20% weapon cooldown

Veterancy 4 - Healing when out of combat

Veterancy 5 - First strike accuracy bonus increased to +50%

Tips and Tricks[]

-the Valiant Assault ability from Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine give the sprint and increase the accuracy by 25% for all OKW infantry,Fallschirmjäger included. Use it to your advantage.

-When facing Shock troops and infantry alike, fend them off by shooting at them at long range, this will cause them a considerable amount of damage before they reach your Fallschirmjäger. If they are close, throw a Blendkörper 2H Frangible Smoke grenade to slow them down and cause a slow health drain if they are caught in the smoke. This will also prevent them to dealt damage against your unit. And if possible, use an open terrain to turn the battle in your favor.

-During the late stage of the game, shell holes are scattered around the battlefield, use them with the cloak bonus and the First Strike Bonus to your advantage.

-For the army build, it's preferable to have 2 or 3 Volksgrenadiers with 1 or 2 Fallschirmjägers to compensate upkeep and firepower balance.

-While in skirmishes battles, use the combination of Volksgrenadiers as a meat shield and anti-tank snares and Fallschirmjägers as the supportive firepower unit.

-The First Strike is best suited in a defensive situation rather than offensive situation. This means that the infantry of your opponent will try to push to your frontline close and the results of First Strike bonus is in your favor.