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EaW omaha

Europe at war is a mod for Company of heroes which expands doctrines, adds 7 different "battlefronts" and many units. It contains a more realistic damage system, historical accuracy and many more.

Command trees have increased from 6 to 16 improvements, adding all the doctrines a varied armoury that allows you to resolve any situation

Allows you to enjoy new experiences of game: is mostly compatible with the single-player campaigns, including few cooperative missions and historical maps. The base US campaign's first mission may crash on start, this can be avoided by play the first mission on the lowest setting.


-North Africa (1942-43)

-Italy (1943-45)

-Normandy (July-August 1944)

-Market Garden (September 1944)

-Battle of the Scheldt (September-October 1944)

-Ardennes (December '44-January'45)

-Operation Varsity (march 1945)