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The Engineer Squad, also known as "Combat Engineers", just like US engineer squad.are the primary repair and construction unit for the Chinese army in Company of Heroes: Far East War.

  • 3 men in a squad.Leading by their Sergent.


Type Zhongzheng Rifle (中正式) x3

Chinese-made Bolt action rifle, copy of the German Mauser M1924,5-round with 7.62x57mm Mauser.

The forerunner of the Karabiner 98k. Pre-production and renamed Zhongzheng Rifle started in August 1935.

Compare with it's German sibling.Zhongzheng Rifle Shorten the butt of rifle to in concert with Chinese soldiers; and added with longer version bayonet to maintain the advantage in close combat against Japanese's Arisaka 38.

With excellent design and field accuracy,some say that Zhongzheng Rifle was"The Best Rifle in Chinese Army during WWII."

Type Zhongzheng rifle


Base Structure[]

Defensive Structure[]

  • Sandbag
  • Barbed Wire
  • Slit Trench
  • Mines
  • Observation Posts
  • Type 24 MG Posts
  • Breda Model 35 Posts

Route Army unique Structure[]

Elite Division[]

  • Circle Structure
  • sFH-18 Howitzer

Expeditionary Force

  • Triage Center
  • Medical Posts

Nationalist United[]


  • Cut off the Barbed Wires
  • Demolition