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"Combine stealth and mobility to outflank the enemy and destroy them. Stormtroopers can be deployed to scout ahead or cut off the enemies supply lines, while vehicles and air support can be utilized to complete the encirclement. With the enemy surrounded, Crush the Pocket will concentrate firepower to eradicate them."

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Encirclement Doctrine
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Allows German infantry to use the Sprint ability. Increases movement speed for a short period of time.
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Elite infiltration troops who are experts at disrupting enemy supply lines. These units can be deployed from any ambient building.
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Break Supply Line
Send in a Stuka bomber to neutralize a targeted point with a precision strike, causing the territory to shift in a neutral state.
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Icons commander cmdr german breakthrough 9
Slightly improves the speed of all vehicle units and allows them to capture points very rapidly.
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Close the Pocket
Artillery zeros in on isolated enemy units to destroy them. Automatically attacks all cut off enemy territories and frontline territories.

About the doctrine[]

The Encirclement Doctrine is a unique, yet difficult commander to use. Instead of giving you a variety of doctrine units and abilities towards a them, all of the commander abilities are focused on performing one thing: encircling the opponent and destroying him.

Sprint (now combined with ambush camouflage) Gives combat infantry units (Grenadiers/Panzergrenadiers etc.) the ability to sprint for a short period of time for a small munition cost. This let's your infantry rush past MGs, close the gap between combatants, or retreat to a safer position.

Stormtroopers allow you to infiltrate deep into enemy territory, capturing points that are less defended than your encircled prey.

Break Supply Lines is an aircraft ability which utilizes a Stuka bomber to return a captured point to it's neutral state. This cuts off enemy lines instantly and quickly, but can easily be countered without support to back it up.

Breakthrough allows for a global speed boost in all of your vehicles, making way for Blitzkrieg pushes and quick armour assaults. This comes at a cost however, as the fuel put towards this ability could be put to better use in more vehicles.

Close the Pocket is the endgame of this doctrine, with all of the previous abilities focused on opening up an opportunity to use it. When activated, all enemy sectors cut off from the enemy HQ will be excessively shelled, with a combination of Panzerwerfer barrages, 105mm artillery shells, and Stuka bombing. Without a complete retreat from the affected area, entire defensive positions and armies will be completely wiped. This all requires careful planning using every ability and unit available. Enemy units can also reconnect the shelled position during the ability, cutting the arty party short. If you are unable to utilize all of these abilities, you will find this Doctrine severely lacking in all-around usefulness. This ability will also bombard enemy frontline territories with light mortar fire even if not encircled, but this is relatively weak compared to the ability's full potential.