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Utilizing the best trained and equipped units in the German Army, this doctrine focuses on high quality troops and vehicles. You and your allies units can be trained to have a higher level of veteran status, using the quality of your forces to overpower raw numbers. When the battle has reached its tipping point, an elite Tiger Ace can be deployed to turn the tide.

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Elite Troops Doctrine
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Model 24 Stun Grenades
Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers, and Stormtroopers can throw model 24 stun grenades, which will stun enemy infantry.
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Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade
Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers, and Stormtroopers can be upgraded with this package which adds two G43 rifles and includes training in interrogation.
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Elite infiltration troops who are experts at disrupting enemy supply lines. These units can be deployed from any ambient building.
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Panzer Tactician
All armored vehicles use their equipped smoke dischargers to prevent themselves from being seen.
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Tiger Ace
High command sends in a legendary Tiger Ace. Only one is available, once deployed fuel and manpower income will be reduced by 90% and 25% respectively until the Tiger Ace is destroyed.

How to use the commander

Compared the usual well roundness of ostheer doctrines, Elite troops is bit more niche, but powerful. It trades supportive and more versatile abilities for outright buffs to your infantry fighting capabilities and lategame potential game changer. Stun grenades and g 43 rifle upgrade grants your basic grenadiers more offensive, g 43 being better to use when moving, compared to mg 42 and stun grenades as faster and easier grenade to flush out enemies and making them easier to eliminate. Stormtroopers let you attack from unexpected places and perform ambushes or heavy frontline fighting. Panzer tactician is good overall ability, giving tanks way to escape more easily for small munition cost.

Tiger Ace is the biggest reason for people who take this doctrine to use. Coming later than any other ability, tiger ace is potential game changer. With powerful gun, strong amour, good mobility and having full veterancy from the get go, tiger ace can defeat head on any allied vehicle and in hands of good user and supported, it can potentially destroy enemy army once fielded. However, its power comes at literal great cost. While not taking any fuel, cost of 800 manpower and 17 command points means it comes late and enemy will have his army ready if he sees you having this doctrine. Cost is not limited to vehicle itself, as having it kills your fuel gain and greatly decreases your manpower gain, meaning that losing tanks or other units are going to hurt much more as you can't replace them as easily anymore. Once Tiger Ace is destroyed, you cannot repurchase it.