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The Deutsches Afrika Korps (DAK) is the new and fourth faction of Company of Heroes 3. It is the player's faction during the African Story Campaign.


The new Afrika Korps faction is meant to be representative of the German and Italian armies fighting in North Africa from 1941 until their eventual surrender in 1943. Originally sent to assist Italian forces in Libya, the DAK would quickly take the offensive under Erwin Rommel, taking the fight to the British. The DAK faction specializes in mobile desert warfare highlighting mechanized infantry with robust abilities, and combined arms tactics complimented by lethal armor.

Army Attributes[]


  • Mobility - An extremely mobile fighting force that can adapt and survive on the move. Mobility is highlighted by early access to mechanized unit platforms, and an armed scout motorcycle.
  • Robust Mechanized Infantry - All infantry can repair vehicles, and take less damage when fighting near vehicles and can also be upgraded to scavenge supplies from eliminated vehicles and armor.
  • Versatile Armor - The DAK brings an intimidating arsenal of lethal armor to choose from, ranging from Italian light tanks, to the legendary firepower of the German Tiger I.
  • Powerful Artillery - Powerful artillery units and special call-in abilities make the most of deadly artillery to create openings and support breakthroughs.


  • Armor Dependency - Although robust, its infantry can be quite dependent on costly vehicle support and armor.
  • Fuel Consumption - The undoing of any mechanized force, without a steady and reliable supply of fuel oil, its forces crumble.