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The defensive doctrine is one of the three doctrines available in Company of Heroes by the Axis faction. The defensive Doctrine is a doctrine aiming for defence, with some of the best artillery available (in the vanilla version). Other abilities include the ability to upgrade all the Axis player's base buildings with machine guns, as well as a rocket artillery strike.

Game Info[]

With some very potent early game abilities and the best off-map Axis artillery in the game, Defensive Doctrine ensures the Axis player's map presence will be a force to be reckoned with, being able to stomp the opponent through a war of attrition in the face of the entrenchments. Although the tree's last abilities pale in comparison to the other two doctrines, the early game advantage the German player has will compensate for this.

Command Tree Structure[]

Commander Defensive Doctrine Banner
Defensive Doctrine
Base Defensives Artillery Support
Fothfath 1 Warn 1
For the Fatherland Advanced Warning
Gives all friendly Units in controlled Territory a defensive bonus for 15 seconds. Costs 45Icon Munitions Small 45 Increases the visual range of all captured Points, revealing more of the surrounding Territory.
CommandTree Succession Arrow CommandTree Succession Arrow
Fortter 1 Reg 2
Fortify the Perimeter Registered Artillery
Upgrade all Base Buildings with Defensive Machine Guns. Enables Reinforcement around Bunkers. In addition this ability increases health of bunkers by 300Icon Health Small 300 and observation posts by 200Icon Health Small 200. Call Off-map Defensive Artillery Bombardment on one of your threatened Structures or Secured Points. Costs 125Icon Munitions Small 125
CommandTree Succession Arrow CommandTree Succession Arrow
88flak 3 Rockets 4
88mm Flak 36 AT/AA 280mm Rocket Artillery
Enables Pioneers to deploy the 88mm Flak 36 AA/AT to the battlefield. Call Off-map Barrage of devastating 280mm Rockets to target area.

Base Defense[]

FothfathFor the Fatherland

FortterFortify the Perimeter

88flak88mm Flak 36 AT/AA

Artillery Support[]

WarnAdvanced Warning

RegRegistered Artillery

Rockets280mm Rocket Artillery