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Dean Ransom
Dean Ransom
Status: Deceased
Date of death: 1944
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: United States Army
Profession: United States Army:
Marital status: Married
Children: 1 daughter
Played by: Tom Sizemore

Lieutenant Dean Ransom (d. December 1944) was an officer, later demoted to a cook, in the United States Army.


Some time before World War II, Ransom had married his high-school sweetheart. The marriage appeared to be a happy one.

As a Lieutenant, Dean Ransom commanded a whole US Army company on D-Day, leading his units through Omaha Beach. However, on his next mission to secure bridge in Saint-Lô, he allegedly lost fifty-six men under his command in a matter of fifteen minutes. In truth, Ransom had caused a devastating incident of friendly fire. Ordered to take out an machinegun nest, but finding himself pinned by the entrenched enemy, Ransom called in an artillery strike, unaware that a platoon of US Army Rangers were flanking the same objective. The artillery hit took out the entire platoon, numbering at fifty-six men.

Following the incident, Ransom was demoted and assigned to work as a cook, a job he was allegedly very good at.


Ransom was killed in Haigerloch, Germany, while defending Dr. Luca Gruenewald, a German nuclear scientist defecting to the Allied side.


Behind the Scenes[]

In Company of Heroes, Ransom is played by Tom Sizemore.