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Conscripts Support Tactics
Kv1 com req 0
KV-1 Heavy Tank
A KV-1 Heavy Tank can be ordered in to the battlefield.
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Conass com req 2
Conscript Assault Package Upgrade
Unlocks an upgrade package on Conscripts that replace three of their rifles with PPSh-41 Submachine guns for better short-range firepower and the Hit the Dirt ability for improved combat tactics.
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Crk com req 5
Conscript Repair Kit
Demonstrating pure ingenuity, Conscripts can repair any damaged structure, vehicle, or bridge.
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Rapcon com req 6
Rapid Conscription
Command releases reserve Conscript squads to replace combat losses suffered while the ability is active.
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Iab com req 7
Incendiary Artillery Barrage
Areas of the map can be bombarded with incendiary rounds to burn infantry and deny access.