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The 88mm Flak 36 is a medium artillery weapons system employed by the German forces throughout all of their theatres of war. Although it was already a known tank killer, it became infamous in Egypt and Libya for it's devastating effect against Allied armour. The superior range, muzzle velocity and calibre of the gun, made it the most fearsome artillery piece in the African theatre. It accounted for many of the successful blocks of the Allied assaults and subsequent counter-attacks. This weapon nearly won North Africa. When it was brought into Russia against the new T-34's and other heavily armoured Russian tanks, it was again able to devastate Stalin's armoured columns. When it was brought against the Allies again in Western Europe, it once more destroyed any armour it came into contact with.


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These are the tactics and doctrines of the playable Armies.

United States tactics/doctrines: Airborne Company, Armor Company, Infantry Company,

Wehrmacht doctrines: Terror Doctrine, Blitzkrieg Doctrine, Defensive Doctrine,

British tactics/doctrines: Royal Commandos Support, Royal Engineers Support, Royal Artillery Support,

Panzer Elite tactics: Luftwaffe Tactics, Scorched Earth Tactics, Tank Destroyer Tactics


Allied Units
Axis Units


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