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The Riflemen Squad is group of Allied infantry units that is featured in Company of Heroes. The Riflemen Squad is the backbone unit of the Allied army and they are usually armed with M1 Garands and M1A1 Carbines. The Riflemen Squad can also have special or upgraded weapons such as Improvised Sticky Bombs, Mk II Grenades, and the Browning Automatic Rifles (BAR). They are trained from the barracks and are relatively cheap and quick to produce. They are composed of 6 men and can be reinforced near the HQ and M3 Half-Tracks


King Tiger


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These are the tactics and doctrines of the playable Armies.

United States tactics/doctrines: Airborne Company, Armor Company, Infantry Company,

Wehrmacht doctrines: Terror Doctrine, Blitzkrieg Doctrine, Defensive Doctrine,

British tactics/doctrines: Royal Commandos Support, Royal Engineers Support, Royal Artillery Support,

Panzer Elite tactics: Luftwaffe Tactics, Scorched Earth Tactics, Tank Destroyer Tactics


Allied Units
Axis Units


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