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In Company of Heroes 3, the players take the role of Allied Forces during their invasion of North Africa and Italy. Italian Partisans are allied NPCs that can either be used on the map or be called in during battles. The story is dynamic, and the player's interactions with the game's various commanders can affect the narrative's ending.


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The Tetrarch Tank is a fast light tank fielded by the British in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. Available through the Royal Commandos Support tech tree, this lightly-armored tracked vehicle is one of the fastest ground unit in the entire game, and sports a small 2-pounder cannon for killing infantry and destroying enemy vehicles.

The Tetrarch Tank is used in one of two primary ways: either as an armored support for Commando units, or in raiding armored packs. When supporting infantry, it can protect them from enemy vehicles and Weapon Teams, and can even discharge some smoke to obscure movement from the enemy. In hunting packs, a pair (or more) of Tetrarch Tanks can quickly speed into enemy territory to encircle and destroy enemy vehicles, then quickly retreat to safety thanks to their speed and smoke bombs.
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