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In Company of Heroes 3, the players take the role of Allied Forces during their invasion of North Africa and Italy. Italian Partisans are allied NPCs that can either be used on the map or be called in during battles. The story is dynamic, and the player's interactions with the game's various commanders can affect the narrative's ending.


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The M10 Tank Destroyer (nicknamed "Wolverine" by the British) is an anti-tank vehicle fielded by the American army in Company of Heroes. Clad in good medium armor and sporting a large armor-piercing cannon, the M10 Tank Destroyer uses its surprising speed to flank and destroy enemy tanks.

The M10 Tank Destroyer is capable of withstanding some firepower, and is better than the Sherman at knocking enemy tanks out, especially by attacking their rear armor. However it is not nearly as survivable as an M4 Sherman, and cannot directly contend with enemy armor on its own.
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