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Company of Heroes: Far East War is a fan-designed modification for Relic Entertainment's critically acclaimed real-time strategy game Company of Heroes. Set in the China(1937-1945) during World War II, the mod primarily features the Chinese (Republic of China)'s nationalist army and Japanese's Imperial Army.

Mod Idea[]

Speak to WWII,mostly western world will think about European war in France,Holland,Germany....,maybe some talk about Russian's bravery or battle in African , Pacific.

Indeed, those are great stories about fighting for freedom.

Sadly, western world usually won't remember their Allied in Far East - Republic of China.

This Mod is trying to tell the world about Chinese fought for nation's right of survive and dignity in 1930s-1945.

The Mod[]

This free mod offers a fully-packed Chinese Nationalist Army and Imperial Army faction to play. That's the only 2 playable factions in this Mod.

Chinese Nationalist Army[]

Chinese Nationlist Army

The Chinese Nationalist Army is a completely new Allied faction that fights against the Axis faction.


  1. units gain experience points during combat.
  2. straight building line (T1-T2-T3-T4)
  3. more man in a squad.
  4. variety weapon squads.
  5. poor armor power.

Base Structure[]

  • (T2) Arsenal
  • (T3) Specialist Camp
  • (T4) Armor Support Camp

Command Doctrine: Route Army[]

The Chinese Command Trees are referred to as "Route Armies". Each Route Army own their special feature units and supports in game.

* "Route Army" is a term of Unit organization in Chinese Army during 1920s-1950

  • Nationality Route:
  • Expeditionary Force Route:
  • Elite Divisions Route:

Imperial Army[]

Japanese Imperial Army

The Japanese Imperial Army is a completely new Axis faction that fights against the Aillies faction


  1. units gain experience points during combat.
  2. requires upgrade "Conflict Phase" to unlock base building.
  3. infantry's battle skills is much better than Chinese.
  4. variety vehicles.
  5. better armor power.

Base Structure[]

  • Japanese Headquarters
  • (T1) Japanese Barracks
  • (T2) Support Armory
  • (T3) Heavy Armory
  • (T4) Tank Factory

Command Doctrine: Expeditionary Force[]

The Japanese Command Trees are referred to as "Expedition Force". Each Expedition Force own their special feature units and supports in game.

* Expedition Force is term of Military Occupied organization in Japanese Army(1930s-1945)

  • Southern Pacific Expedition
  • Central-China Expedition
  • Manchuria Expedition

Reward units[]


just like any other Mod. Including 2 classic game mode

  1. Victory Point Control
  2. Annihilation


  • This Mod support all skirmish map.
  • several new map is available.(ex:Nanking,northern Suzhou...)
  • only 2 playable factions.
  • no Single player campaign.


using "Relic Online" system. for 2-8 players

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