Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
Coh east front
Developer(s) Relic Entertainment
Publisher(s) THQ
Series Company of Heroes
Engine Essence Engine
Havok (Physics Engine)
Genre(s) Real-time strategy
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Ratings ESRB: M
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Media Free Download

Company of Heroes: Eastern Front is a fan-designed modification for Relic Entertainment's critically acclaimed real-time strategy game Company of Heroes. Set in the late Eastern European theater of World War II, the mod primarily features the Soviet Union's Red Army and Nazi Germany's Ostheer.

The ModEdit

This free mod offers a fully-packed Soviet faction and an Ostheer faction to play. The mod itself does not overwrite the base game. People can thus play with all six armies at once. Players must have the Company of Heroes New Steam Version to be able to play this mod.

Red ArmyEdit

The Red Army is a completely new Allied faction that fights against the Axis faction.


  • Ingenery: A four-man unit, armed with Mosin-Nagant M1891's, they are the main Soviet builders. Cost : 150 Icon Manpower Small.png
  • ZiS-5 Medic Truck: A ZiS-5 Studebaker truck fielded and deployed for healing the wounds received by the sons of the Motherland. Cost : 210
  • Major: a soviet major will inspire all units in the player’s disposal

T1: Red army mustering tent (100 Icon Manpower Small.png 35 Icon Fuel Small.png)

  • ​Sharpshooter: ​A single russian sniper armed with a scoped SVT-40 rifle. He can become a sniper ace when he reached Veterancy 3.  Icon Manpower Small.png
  • Strelky: A six-man squad, they are the staple infantry unit of the Soviet Union. Basic infantry squad, capable of dealing damage to every unit. Cost : 270 Icon Manpower Small.png
  • Observer Team: ​A two-man consist of very skilled russian riflemen armed with 2 SVT-40 rifles, they provide a huge line of sight when they are in good cover as well as camouflage. They can also throw flares to enemy units to make them more vulnerable of being hit. Cost: 310

T2: Soviet support barracks (200 Icon Manpower Small.pngIcon Fuel Small.png)

--> infantry upgrade (needed for recruiting the following units):

  • 82mm Medium Mortar Team: A three-man squad with a mortar, raining down shells from a distance, dislocating static emplacements. Cost : 260 Icon Manpower Small.png

--> support weapon upgrade (needed for recruiting the following units):

  • ​SG-43 Machine Gun Team: ​A three-man team armed with the Goryunov medium machine gun capable of delivering sustained machine gun fire. (?)
  • ZiS-3 Anti-tank Gun: A three-man team operating a ZiS-3 divisional 76mm Gun, capable of engaging and dealing damage to light and medium vehicles. Cost : 290 Icon Manpower Small.png

T3: Russian Tank Hall (200  Icon Manpower Small.png55 Icon Fuel Small.png)

  • Light Tankovy Upgrade:
    1. T-60 light tank
    2. SU-76 Tank Destroyer
  • Heavy Tankovy Upgrade:
    • T-34/76 general medium Tank, can be upgunned to the T-34/85 once upgraded.
    • SU-85 Tank Destroyer, can be upgunned to the SU-100 once upgraded.

Unlocking both upgrades grants the Soviet player access to the Breakthrough Tankovy upgrade which unlocks the mighty IS-2 Heavy Tank.


Doctrines are, as they are called 'Strategies'.

  • Propaganda Strategy:
    • Left Side; Political Warfare
      • Navy Forces - Call a squad of Elite Navy Infantry ready to fight for Motherland.
      • The Red Tide! - Calls in 3 elite infantry squads.
      • Stalin Organ - Now can call in BM-13 Katyusha Rocket Lauchers.
    • Right side; Artillery Warfare
      • Not one step back! - Makes all Troops in the sector immobile, but Higher health.
      • ZiS-3 - Ingenery can now build ZiS-3 battery, giving fire support for soldiers.
      • God Of War - All available artillery pieces are now redirected to your sector. This will allow you unleash hell upon a large area of the map.
  • Urban Combat Strategy:
    • Left Side; Street Warfare
      • Close Combat - Ingenery can be upgraded with Dual ROKS-3 Flame-throwers.
      • For the Motherland! - Infantry using this skill cannot be suppressed.
      • Steamroller - Call in a KV-2 Heavy Tank.
    • Right Side; Guerilla Warfare
      • Flare - Deploy a flare and see enemy units (can see no hidden units).
      • Partisans - Can now infiltrate local Partisan units (Elite Guerilla units).
      • Sniper Ace- Infiltrate a Deadly Sniper Ace.
  • Breakthrough Strategy:
    • Left Side; Combined Arms Warfare
      • Inspiring Speech - All Units temporarily Sprint.
      • SU-85 - Can now call a SU-85. He arrives equipped with a 85mm AT Gun. In Patch 1.7.2, it is a KV-1 Heavy Tank instead.
      • IL-2 Sturmovik - Call in a Squadron of IL-2 Sturmovik Tank Hunters.
    • Right Side; Tank Warfare
      • Mechanics - Can now call in Trained Mechanics
      • Tank Riders - T-34/76's can now mount Infantry.
      • Zverboy - Can now call in a ISU-152 Tank Hunter. 

Reward unitsEdit

Also, it adds a number of new Reward units:

  • United Kingdom:
    • Comet - Replaces the Sherman Firefly.
    • The Royal Marine Commandos - A "Reward Faction" activated in the reward panel like other units. It changes tech so you don't need officers and adds new units to the British such as M10 Achilles, Scout and RR Jeep squads, and SAS Raiders and Gliders. Units move at normal speed all the time and no longer have trenches. It includes the Comet in the whole package.
  • Wehrmacht:
    • Black Tiger Ace - Replaces the King Tiger with Joseph Schultz's Black Tiger seen in the American Campaign in v1.4
  • Soviet Union
    • KV-1 - Replaces the SU-85
    • SU-122 - Replaces the KV-2

Singleplayer Edit

A full single-player campaign for the Soviets is planned as a future update for Eastern Front. It would cover various stages of the Eastern Front campaign, such as the Battle of Bialystok-Minsk, the battle for Sevastopol, the encirclement of the German 6th Army in Stalingrad, and the Battle for Berlin.

Multiplayer Edit

Because of Relic's online system the new factions will not have online Ranks and stats for the same reason the factions can't re-crew and retreat. (Update: The new factions can now retreat and recrew.)

You can play as the Soviets online versus people who have Eastern Front installed and patched.

The same will be for the future Ostheer.

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