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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front is a fan-designed modification for Relic Entertainment's critically acclaimed real-time strategy game Company of Heroes. Set in the late Eastern European theater of World War II, the mod primarily features the Soviet Union's Red Army and Nazi Germany's Ostheer.

The Mod[]

This free mod offers a fully-packed Soviet faction and an Ostheer faction to play. The mod itself does not overwrite the base game. People can thus play with all six armies at once. Players must have the Company of Heroes New Steam Version to be able to play this mod.

Design Overhaul 2023[]

A part of the former development team formed up in late 2021 to fix bugs that were present in the steam release version and update and polish the gameplay.

  • Instead of covering the whole conflict from 1941 to 1945 the mod now exclusively takes place in the later stage of the war post summer 1943. This was done to adjust Eastern Front to the time frame of Company of Heroes 1, which takes places from Summer 1944 to January 1945. As a result, the unit selection for Ostheer and Soviets is different.
  • Both Soviet and Ostheer Commander Trees are heavily updated.
  • A lot of Quality of Life (QoL) changes were introduced, alongside with balance & bugfixes to regular Company of Heroes factions. Grid Hotkey systems now also work for Eastern Front factions.
  • AI has been updated once more and is more challenging to fight against
  • Maps have been updated and new maps were added thanks to still active map makers in the Eastern Front community

Red Army[]

The Red Army is a completely new Allied faction that fights against the Axis faction.


  • Ingenery (160 Icon Manpower Small): A four-man unit, armed with PPSh-41 sub-machine guns. As an engineer unit, they can consctruct buildings, defenses and repair structures and vehicles. They can be upgraded with a flamethrower(50 Icon Munitions Small) or minesweeper(35 Icon Munitions Small).
  • Observers (150 Icon Manpower Small): A scout unit that can move around camouflaged and quickly capture territory and detect stealthed units, armed with tt-33 pistols. they can be upgraded with SVT-40 semi automatic rifles(30 Icon Munitions Small) and can throw flares.
  • Conscripts (280 Icon Manpower Small): light infantry that can soak up damage, capture sectors and put enemy attacks to halt. Are highly susceptible to supression fire and have inadequate weaponry and combat experience. Can be equipped with a Dp-28 light machinegun (50 Icon Munitions Small).
  • ZiS-5 Medic Truck (150 Icon Manpower Small 20 Icon Fuel Small): A truck that can be deployed to heal friendly infantry units.

T1: Red army mustering tent

  • ​Sharpshooter (340Icon Manpower Small): ​A single russian sniper armed with a scoped Mosin Nagant rifle. Can move around camouflaged.
  • SG 43 Heavy MG team (230Icon Manpower Small): 3 soldiers armed with a SG 43 machine gun that can give supression fire support.
  • Strelky (320 Icon Manpower Small): A six-man squad, they are the staple infantry unit of the Soviet Union. Basic infantry squad, capable of dealing damage to every unit.

T2: Soviet support barracks

  • Command Squad (260 Icon Manpower Small): A four-man squad that acts as a commander unit. When reaching a veterancy level the commander applies global bonuses to infantry units. Offensive veterancy: faster rate of fire, supression resistance and capture speed, defensive veterancy grants increased sight range, less received accuracy and damage.
  • 82mm Medium Mortar Team (280 Icon Manpower Small): A three-man squad with a mortar, raining down shells from a distance, dislocating static emplacements.
  • ​BA-64 Light Armoured car (280 Icon Manpower Small 35 Icon Fuel Small): An armoured car, armed with a DSHK machine gun to engage enemy infantry. Can be upgraded with PTRD Anti-tank rifles.
  • ZiS-3 Anti-tank Gun (290 Icon Manpower SmallZiS-3 Anti-tank Gun: AA three-man team operating a ZiS-3 divisional 76mm Gun, capable of engaging and dealing damage to light and medium vehicles. Can be upgraded ZiS-2 57mm guns using Propaganda Strategy.

T3: Heavy Recon Company (350 Icon Manpower Small 70 Icon Fuel Small)

  • T-60 light tank (280 Icon Manpower Small 30 Icon Fuel Small): Light tank with a rapid firing 20mm ShvaK-T cannon, capable of shredding infantry units and light vehicles very effectively. Can be upgraded with a tank commander for increased vision (30 Icon Munitions Small).
  • BT-7 light tank (320 Icon Manpower Small 40 Icon Fuel Small): A very mobile light tank with a 45mm cannon. Can be upgraded with a 75mm short barrel which increases its performance against infantry and light vehicles (75 Icon Munitions Small).
  • SU 76 (280 Icon Manpower Small 40 Icon Fuel Small): long ranged, mobile, self propelled antitank unit. Can be upgraded as an indirect artillery platform (125 Icon Munitions Small).

T4: Soviet Tank Hall (350 Icon Manpower Small 70 Icon Fuel Small)

  • T34-85 (360 Icon Manpower Small 75 Icon Fuel Small): Medium tank with a good mixture of mobility and firepower. Can be upgraded with a tank commander for increased vision (30 Icon Munitions Small). Can also be upgraded with a mine plow (75 Icon Munitions Small)and a ATo 42 flame thrower (50 Icon Munitions Small).
  • SU-100 (400 Icon Manpower Small 90 Icon Fuel Small): Self propelled assault gun with a 100mm D2S-cannon with exceptional performance against heavy axis tanks. Can be upgraded with a tank commander for increased vision (30 Icon Munitions Small).
  • IS-2 (640 Icon Manpower Small 140 Icon Fuel Small): Heavy tank with very good armor protection and firepower. Can be upgraded with a DshK machine gun (50 Icon Munitions Small).


The Red Army Doctrines are called 'Strategies' and offer various different additional units and abilities.

  • Propaganda Strategies: "The Red Flag reigns supreme! Enforce supreme propaganda to inspire your troops in battle and command Partisans behind enemy lines. Overwhelm enemies with KV-85 Heavy Tanks, devastating Katyusha Rocket Launchers, and strafe tanks with IL-2 Sturmovik ground-attack aircraft."
    • Left Side; Political Warfare
      • Inspiring Speech - Infantry in friendly territory sprints and receives defensive bonuses.
      • The Red Flag - infantry units are equipped with the Red Flags which inspires them to reach veterancy ranks faster and have more health.
      • Katyusha - Call in up to two Katjusha rocket Launchers.
    • Right side; Supremacy
      • Partisans - Can now infiltrate local partisans from buildings or offmap. Can move cloaked, throw Antitank grenades and molotovs aswell as lay mines to cause chaos behind enemy lines. Can also be upgraded with automatic weapons for increased short range firepower.
      • IL-2 Airraid - An IL-2 plane bombards the target area with PTAB anti tank missiles which deal heavy damage to all kinds of armoured units.
      • KV-85 - Call in a heavy KV-85 tank.
  • Urban Combat Strategy:
    • Left Side; Street Warfare
      • Street Fighters - Weapon teams and Ingenery receive SN42 body armour which reduce the damage they take from enemy weapons.
      • Incendiary Carpet Bombing - An IL-2 plane drops a large amount of ASh-4 incendiary grenades which ignite the target area. Devastating effect against infantry, weapon teams and buildings
      • Steamroller - Call in a KV-2 Heavy Tank which can provide long range artillery support with its deadly 152mm M-10S howitzer.
    • Right Side; Fortification
      • Naval Infantry - Call in a squad of Navals. They are experts in defensive and urban combat. They receive combat bonuses in friendly territory and can construct defenses. They can also throw Phosphorus Grenades and can be upgraded with PTRD-41 rifles.
      • Fortification - MG Nests and Outposts receive additional hitpoints. MG Nests can additionally reinforce.
      • 52K 85mm AT/AA Gun - Ingenery now can build 52k heavy antiair guns.
  • Breakthrough Strategy:
    • Left Side; Assault Warfare
      • Guards - Call in a squad of Guards. Heavy infantry units that excel in assaulting enemy positions. Can throw Grenades and Satchel charges and be equipped with PPS-43 machine guns.
      • Large Scale Assault - Infantry unit abilities recharge instantly. Heavy tanks are penetrated less and can suppress enemy units with their main guns.
      • Zverboy - Can now call in a ISU-152 Tank Hunter. 
    • Right Side; Siege Support
      • Infantry Storm - Reduces the reinforcement time and cost for Infantry units.
      • Heavy 107mm M1936 Mortar - Call in a heavy mortar team to shell enemy defensive positions.
      • Breakthrough Artillery - Call in a devastating Artillery Strike that is followed by a smoke barrage to cover your advance into enemy territory.

Reward units[]

Also, it adds a number of new Reward units:

  • United Kingdom:
    • Comet - Replaces the Sherman Firefly.
  • Wehrmacht:
    • Black Tiger Ace - Replaces the King Tiger with Joseph Schultz's Black Tiger seen in the American Campaign in Company of Heroes.


A full single-player campaign for the Soviets is planned as a future update for Eastern Front. It would cover various stages of the Eastern Front campaign, such as the Battle of Bialystok-Minsk, the battle for Sevastopol, the encirclement of the German 6th Army in Stalingrad, and the Battle for Berlin.


Because of Relic's online system the new factions will not have online Ranks and stats.

You can play as all six factions online versus people who have Eastern Front installed and patched.

Eastern Front mod now has ranked 1vs1s, 2vs2s, & 3vs3s. Make sure to join the EF Discord community as that is where the devs will post the most information:

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