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Comet Cruiser Tank
Icons portraits vehicle british comet s portrait
Army British Forces
Role Heavy Assault Medium Tank
Unit Cost 500Icon Manpower Small 500
185Icon Fuel Small 185
18Icon PopCap Small 18
Prereq. Hammer Specialization
Produced By Company Command Post
Primary armament 1x Ordinance QF 77mm HV
Secondary armament 2x 7.92mm Besa Machine-gun
Armor Medium
Abilities (3)
Fire Smoke Shell
  • The Comet will fire a smoke shell at the target area.
  • Costs 20Icon Munitions Small 20
  • Cooldown:

M89 White Phosphorous Shell

  • The Comet will fire a single white-phosphorus at the target area. Replaces the Fire Smoke Shell ability. Damages infantry over time and disables the main guns of vehicles. Requires Veteran 1.
  • Costs 20Icon Munitions Small 20
  • Cooldown:

Crew Self Defense

  • The Churchill crew will throw a single Mills Bomb at the target area.
  • Costs 20Icon Munitions Small 20
  • Cooldown:

Emergency War Speed

  • The Comet will accelerate past its rated speed. Increases speed by 35% and reduces received accuracy by 25%.
  • Costs nothing.
  • Cooldown: Requires reactivation by Royal Engineers via repairs.

The Comet Tank is unlocked via Hammer Specialization. An improvement of the Cromwell tank, the Comet has thicker armor, a much more powerful main gun, and retains all of the original vehicle's speed and agility.

The 77mm High Velocity Gun is perfect for engaging and chasing enemy targets- both tanks and infantry are prime targets, although it it still more effective verses vehicles. The cannon also enjoys a slightly superior range to some armored units, but watch out for assault guns and heavy tanks. With it's formidable armor and speed it is possible to break through the enemy lines, destroy the target and then safely retreat. It can also roll up close to toss a grenade, effective against weapon teams.

Like the Cromwell, the Comet tank can be upgraded with a tank commander to increase veterancy rate and improve sight range. Also like the Cromwell, the Comet tank can fire a smoke shell to block line of sight.

Compared to the Churchill Mk. VII Infantry Tank, the Comet is a bit more expensive and less armored, but has better firepower, reload, and speed. Of course, it is generally the most expensive non-doctrinal unit in the game to keep an eye on it and use the smoke canister if in trouble.