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Republic of China is one of the two factions featured in Company of Heroes: Far East War. As one of the Allies in Far East, since 1931 she fought against Japanese invaders in Manchuria and stand strong in flame of war for more than 8 years.

  • Losing almost 43% territory,including capital Nanking
  • Fought 22 Large Scale Battles
  • Casualties over 3,237,000. (Official numbers)
  • Nationalist Government Losing 70% military power

" If we still hold a step on our land,that means we still own one single breath; If we do have 1 hundred thousand people, that means we will own 1 hundred thousand brave soldiers" - by Chiang Kai-Shek

(「一寸河山一寸血,十萬青年十萬軍」 - 蔣介石)

Contribution to Victory[]

  • Holding Japanese army for 8 years, thus Japanese abandoned the invasion possibility to USSR.
  • Eliminate over 2,000,000 Japanese soldiers.
  • Crippled Japanese's reinforcement to Pacific

Dilemma in Reality[]

  • Lost the Civil War in1946-1949.Since than,stay in Taiwan (Losing over 99% territory)
  • "China" now means "People Republic of China(PRC)"
  • PRC trying to take over "the nation defender in WWII's efforts"
  • No Longer represent to China. Being forgotten by world.
  • Some people in Taiwan still Longing for Japanese Occupation era, they don't agree with ROC at all. They even tried to Whitewashing Japanese's war crime in 1920-1945.

Game Feature[]

  1. units gain experience points during combat.
  2. straight building line (T1-T2-T3-T4)
  3. more man in a squad.
  4. variety weapon squads.
  5. poor armor power.

Base Structure[]

  • (T2) Arsenal
  • (T3) Specialist Camp
  • (T4) Armor Support Camp

Defensive Structure List[]

Active Defenses MG Post.Breda Model 35 Post.

sFH-18 Post

Passive Defenses Sandbag.Mines.Barbed Wire.Slit Trench

Circle Structure

Supports Observation Posts.

Triage Center

Chinese Units List[]

Command Squad (Elite Divison) - Supervisor Squad.Hero Lieutenant

(Nationality) - Communist Supervisor

Infantry Recruit labor.Engineer.Miscellaneous Troops.Regular Squad.Special Scout.Machine Pistol Squad.MP18 Commando.Anti-Armor Rifle Squad.Regular Squad(Sichuan).LMG Squad(Sichuan).Mortar Squad(Sichuan)

(Elite Divison) - Elite Sniper.Elite Division Squad

(Expeditionary Force) - Sharp Shooter.British Equipment Squad.US Equipment Squad

(Nationality) - Marksman Squad.Veteran Marksman Squad.Communist Warriors.Veteran Communist Warriors

Support Squad Type 24 MG SquadType 31 Mortar Team.Medical Officer.M1935 Gun Crew

(Elite Divison) - Krupp Gun Crew

(Expeditionary Force) - M1 75mm Gun Crew

(Nationality) - Type 92 Gun Crew.Type 1 AT squad

Light Vehicle (Expeditionary Force) - US Officer Jeep
Medium Vehicle FT-17 (MG).Vickers B

(Elite Divison) - BA-10.PzKpfw I

(Expeditionary Force) - M3 halftrack.M3 Scout

(Nationality) - Nissan MG Truck

Heavy Vehicle (Elite Divison) - T-26

(Expeditionary Force) - M3A3

(Nationality) - FT-17

non-control unit P-40.B-25

Route Army[]

Chinese Doctrine

Nationality Route[]

The nation was in danger since 1930s.Nationalist Party(KMT) agree to ceasefire with Chinese Communist rebels. 2 Parties started second-time cooperation to defend the nation.Part of Communist Warriors were reassigned to nationalist army (8 Route Army).

Beside Communist, There was a lot of informal people Guerrillas active in Japanese-occupation territory.

Expeditionary Force Route[]

US joint WWII after Pearl Harbor in 1941. As an allied power ,Chinese force fought in Southeast Asia can get Allied equipment according to "Lend-Lease Program" .Including variety of automatic weapons, Bazooka...even M4 tank.That gave Chinese ground force a lot of advantage in Southeast Asia

Beside Army, US volunteer fighter group (AVG ,so called "Flying Tiger") these elite pilot retook the sky from Japanese planes.

Elite Divisions Route[]

Since 9.18 incident in 1931 cause the fallen of Manchuria.Nationalist Government (Leaded by KMT) started national defense industry with German military consultant.Exchanging natural resource for German-Equipment in return.

General Hans von Seeckt as a consultant.He trained 2 full German-Equipment Divisions (88 Division ; 87 Division) before 1937.

These 2 Elite Divisions are outstanding in Battle of Shanghai and Nanking Defending. They used their lives defend the nation. Japanese military used to brag about "We can defeat China in 3 month". Elite Divisions defended much more longer than Japanese thought.

Military History[]

Chinese history 01

Blue is Nationalist power / Red is Warlords power

Warlord Era in Republic (1916-1925)[]

Qing Dynasty was replaced by Republic of China in 1911.Since then, China were suffered in endless civil war. Yuan Shi-Kai (袁世凱) who controlled the Beiyang Army, tried to proclaimed the "Empire of China" with himself as Emperor. This cause Sun Yat-Sen (孫中山) who leaded the Republic revolution, start the "Second Revolution" but it failed at last.

Warlords in southern China leaded the "National Protection War". They defeated Yuan's army at last. After that,China fall apart into several regions. Duan Qi-rui (段祺瑞) is a new dictator, he abandoned the constitution and owned the government in Beijing.That forced Sun Yat-Sen start another revolution in Guangzhou.

Chinese history 03

Flag of Chinese Nationalist Army

Nationalist Revolution Army founded (1925-1928)[]

Sun realized that he need his own military power to protect the Republic.He commanded his loyalty follower Chiang Kai-Shek (蔣中正) as the first superintendents of Whampoa Military Academy (黃埔軍校)

This Military Academy has trained many patriot.The motto of the academy "Camaraderie" means "Fraternity, Sincerity"(親愛精誠). It's still remaining in Nationalist Army now.

Reunification under Nanjing (1928-1937)[]

Chinese history 02

Chiang Kai-Sek in 21

Since 1926, Chiang has started his Northern Expedition against

warlords.He defeated all of his rivals and became a new rising power. Whole nation were united under Nanjing Government.

The decade was enough stability to allow economic growth and the start of ambitious government projects.The nation is getting some progress in every part. so it also called "Golden Decade" in Chinese history.

Beside the advance in economic.There was still some riot which leaded by Chinese Communist. Nanjing Government repression by force.That's the reason why some opinion said the time that Chiang in charge is "White Terror".

Chinese history 04

Elite Division of Nationalist Army

World War II in Far East (1937-1945)[]

Japanese invasion started since 1895.They took Taiwan away from China(Qing) and the ambition keep growing to 20th centry early. In 1931,They invaded Manchuria.and established a puppet state named "Manchukuo".

Chiang realized Japanese is waiting for excuse to start a war,so he tolerated at first and focused on exterminating Communist power in China till 1936 the Xi-an Incident happened.

Chinese Red Army provoke a military coup, forced Chiang stop his exterminating operation.He agree turned his eye on Japanese invasion.

Chinese history 06

Chinese warrior in WWII

1937.7.7.Whole Nation were in war. Chinese Nationalist Army fought against invaders bravely. With poor weapons, training,but they show no fear.

Nationalist party lost over 60% military power in Shanghai and Nanjing.Losing almost every Elite Division.

The sacrifice is heavy but not in vain.Chinese show the world the courage of defending there own nation and never gives up!

US joint war in 1941. Chinese finally not fought alone and joint the Ailles. Recover some place in SouthEast Asia with US and British. Contribute some effort to final victory.

Chinesehistory 07

Nationalist Army were defeated by PLA

Civil War (1946-1949)[]

WWII end in 1945. Nation is suffered in rebuilt and economic problems. Chinese Communist became a strong power in China.They got new weapons from USSR and Japanese and keep recruiting his own warriors while Nation were at wars.

Communist start a new Civil War in 1946. Nationalist Army is not ready for another war. Losing the war in 4 years.Government retreated to Taiwan, waiting for right time to reclaim the power.

Retreating and Defending Taiwan (after 1949)[]

Several battle happened in 1949-1979.Nationalist Army defending PLA's offensive for decades.

The right time never came, Nationalist Army keep guarding Taiwan Strait until now.

Chinese history 07

modern Nationalist Warrior of ROC Marine