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The Headquarters is the primary production and HQ facility for the Chinese army in Company of Heroes:Far East War. In Multiplayer/Skirmish battles, one is given for free to a Chinese player, and will remain on the map until the end of the game.

It determines the location of your HQ Territory, and its primary purpose is to produce Engineers, which are subsequently responsible for constructing all other base structures.

In Far East War, HQ has a unique power to produce command units. It depends on player's chose of Route Army.

The Chinese HQ can reinforce infantry, and has one Technology Geotechnical Upgrade that can be of great assistance to Engineers.

Just like any other factions' HQ building.


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  • Basic builder squad
  • Scout unit in early game

Supervisor Squad

  • Elite Divison only

US Officer Jeep

  • Expeditionary Force only

Communist Supervisor

  • Nationalist United


Rewarding units[]

Lieutenant (replace for Supervisor Squad)

  • Elite Divison only


Geotechnical icon


  • Infantry squad can built some basic structure.