The Falaise Pocket was the last mission of the American Campaign of Company of Heroes.


The American Forces led by General Patton, British and Canadian Forces led by General Montgomery and the Free Polish Forces in the West were circling the German 7th Army stationed in the Falaise Pocket. Able Company was tasked by Lt. Conti to close it and stop the German Opel Blitz Trucks carrying supplies.

Walkthrough Edit

First, have the engineer to build tank traps, mines and machine gun emplacements on the road to the first two bridges. This will slow the axis convey from escaping. Then, get the fighting squad (one M4 Sherman, One M10 Tank Destroyer and two Riflemen) to capture the first two bridges and clear the enemies from the area.


Medal of HonorEdit

The highest honor any American Soldier could receive. Awarded if the player inflicts 300 casualties.

American Campaign MedalEdit

Awarded if the mission is finished.


  • The Canadian Forces are shown to be using American equipment. There were only two factions in the game at the time; the Canadians would later appear in the Caen campaign using the British equipment.
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