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Causeway is a single player campaign in the latest DLC of Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.  

Campaign Summary[]

It follows a company of paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division as they try to secure the La Fiere causeway for other Allied forces to pass through the Normandy beaches.

Part 1[]

The campaign focuses on Sgt. Wilson (Able Squad Leader) and Sgt. Frank Craft (Baker Squad Leader), who is seen as a dead weight to the group. After the 82nd's airdrop goes badly, Wilson's Able Squad manages to link up with Baker Squad and together clear Chef-du-Pont and find lost 509th paratroopers to track to the town of Cauquigny. 509th failed to secure Cauquigny, causes all Airborne forces defend from small armored group.

Part 2[]

After the two squads take Chef-du-Pont on the other side of the Causeway, the paratroopers at Cauquigny set up defenses but later fall back because of heavy German forces after two waves of defending. The airborne forces regroup at East Causeway and Wilson is covering retreating Airborne troops but soon is gunned down and run over by a Panzer IV. Remnants of 509th, 505th, including Able and Baker squads, defend the East Causeway. Sgt. Craft then decides to make a charge next day during night of first day.

Part 3[]

As the Army's tank units head south from the beaches, remaining Airborne troops finally takes the fight to the Germans with Craft managed to cross to other side and leading the way. Able and Baker find and destroy the tank that killed Wilson as they assault a castle complex near the Causeway. The ending cutscene reveals that Craft eventually took part in Operation Market Garden,where he dies in the successful defense of a bridge over the Maas river.