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Cauquigny: Assault on the Causeway is the first mission of the Causeway campaign in Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.

Mission Description[]

June 6th, 1944. The 82nd Airborne are dropping a number of paratroopers around the La Fière causeway. The lead elements of the 505th PIR, Able and Baker squads are to capture and secure the La Fière manor.


At first, Able Squad land in their drop zone. Sergeant Wilson wonders the situation of the Baker Squad, which led by Sergeant Craft. Able Squad then encounters a small convoy when they are linking up with Baker Squad on a railway bridge, but they face a MG42 ambush and get pinned down. At this point, Baker Squad appears at the side of the ambush site. Baker Squad then takes out the MG42 and therefore, successfully linked up with Able Squad.

After the link up, Able and Baker Squads advances, securing La Fière Manor and then, Chef-du-Pont. During the assault, mortars rain down on both squad's position. After clearing out Chef-du-Pont, the 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment retreats due to artillery fire and German forces are heading their way.

509th and 505th (Able and Baker, currently) defend the Chef-du-Pont from German assault. After taking out the lead elements, a Volksgrenadier surrendered to the Airborne. Wilson decides to take him out due to failure of securing Cauquigny but Craft decides to hold him as prisoner. Two Airborne members take the P.O.W. inside a house. When both Squad leaders are arguing outside of the house, the P.O.W. ask the Airborne whether to have a cigarette. An Airborne member asks the P.O.W. whether there is food in the cabinet while opening it but P.O.W. tries to stop him to open because there is a booby trap. After opening the cabinet and finding out there is a booby trap, it is too late. The explosion kills the personnel inside of the house and shockwave pushes two leaders away.

Mission Objectives[]

Primary Objectives[]

1. Rally with Baker Squad

Find Sgt. Craft and rally with Baker squad prior to assaulting the La Fière manor.

2. Clear the La Fière Manor

Storm La Fière Manor and eliminate any German resistance.

3. Hold Chef-du-Pont

Ensure that the Germans do not take back Chef-du-Pont .

4. Keep Able Squad and Baker Squad Alive

Able and Baker Squad must be kept alive in order to successfully complete the mission.

Medal Objectives[]

1. Find Lost Paratroopers

Hunt the surrounding countryside seeking out lost paratroopers from the 82nd and send them on their way.

Mission details[]


  • In reality, the 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment was never involved in the invasion of Normandy.
  • This is the only time you will see 82nd Airborne Division in action is in this whole campaign, the only two playable 82nd Airborne Division squads during the mission are Sergeant Wilson's Squad(Able Squad) and Sergeant Craft's Squad(Baker Squad). [Other squads are not counted as their uniform are having 101st Airborne Division patches instead of 82nd Airborne Division patches.{Up to your thoughts}]
    • During gameplay, if you click on any squads, you will see their uniforms in the photo display (taskbar) are not matched with their uniforms in the map.
  • You will hear most of the quotes from Airborne Squads and unique quotes from themselves, but you will hear Ranger Squad's quote if Able Squad is under fire.
  • There is an error of the cutscene, in game cutscene shows two Airborne members take German P.O.W. inside of the house, but the story cutscene shows 3 Airborne members.