Structures are man-made enclosures, created to contain or protect people and/or materials. In Company of Heroes, some structures may exist on the map as part of the environment, and more can be constructed by player units in order to serve specific purposes, such as production or defense.

On most maps, there will be at least a few dozen structures already strewn about when the game begins. These are ambient buildings, like houses, mills or sheds, and their only purpose other than being obstacles is to provide cover for infantry units that can hide ("garrison") inside them. Each ambient structure may have room for one or more infantrymen to hide inside.

Players will often need to build Base Structures as part of their battle operations. These structures are responsible for production of combat units, and some also offer the purchase of "Global Upgrades" which increase the potential of other units or structures. Most factions begin each battle with a single "HQ" Base Structure, serving as the initial production facility from which the production hierarchy begins.

Some units can also construct Defensive Structures - buildings or obstacles meant to provide protection against enemy attacks. These include weapon emplacements (meant to actively fire at enemies) and passive defenses (like impassable obstacles and/or mines).

Finally, some factions can construct non-standard Structures that provide various services not fitting any of the above descriptions. A few factions can even convert Ambient Structures to provide more benefit than just provide cover for infantry units.

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