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Defensive Structures, as their name indicates, are structures that provides protection and security to certain positions or assets. They keep sectors protected from enemy combatants, or help support friendly units. They are split into two major categories: Active Defenses and Passive Defenses.

An Active Defense, also called a "weapon emplacement", is a structure whose primary feature is a weapon of some sort. These Defensive Structures are meant to engage enemy units entering their line of fire and attempt to destroy them. The more powerful Active Defenses are constructed by dedicated engineering units such as the Wehrmacht Pioneer Squad or American Engineer Squad. Basic weapon emplacements can sometimes be constructed by other infantry units, like British Infantry Sections.

Passive Defenses are Defensive Structures that don't do anything on their own, but rather allow other units (enemy or friendly, as appropriate) to interact with them in different ways. The simplest of these may just be obstacles meant to do nothing except impede enemy movement. Others provide cover for friendly infantry, and others yet will simply explode when anything comes near them (Mines). Most Passive Defenses can be constructed by a variety of different units (mostly Infantry), and some are available to all factions.

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