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The Allies or the Allied Powers are the combination of British, American and Canadian combined forces represented by the British and American forces during Company of Heroes series during World War II.

Game Info[]

The Allies are featured as the United States as a much cheaper and numerous army than the Axis Wehrmacht, or Panzer Elites, or Allied British. The units of the Allies are essentially made of low to medium costs units such as the Riflemen which also can pick up or use certain weapons to give them an advantage against the Axis troops. The Allied Engineer squads are able to build defense weapons such as Machine Gun Emplacements and the Infantry Company's 105mm Howitzer guns. The Allies are also armed with versatile M4 Sherman tanks and the specialised M10 Tank Destroyer. They have more versatile and faster armored vehicles, but in exchange lack heavy vehicles. In game you may select a "company" for the american faction which provide various unique strategies. The Allied Companies are Infantry Company, Airborne Company, and the Armor Company.

In the stand-alone expansion pack Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, player can play a second Allied faction- the British. They are more defensive compare to their American. They are expert in constructing defensive fortification such as 17 Pounder, 3" Mortar Pit and the fearsome 25 Pounder defense structures. Their infantry and vehicle Units are high in cost and have little versatility with no experience gain, but gain bonuses from command officers to increase their combat effectiveness represented by the Lieutenant, Captain and Cromwells. Their HQ are also different as they are mobile and can hold Strategic Point to prevent capture. Their command trees are the Royal Artillery Support, Royal Commandos Support and the Royal Engineers Support

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