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This category contains images of the buttons used to activate unit-based abilities. These images are used to represent the appropriate abilities on articles where they are references - specifically on unit articles.

The naming convention for these files is as follows:

  Ability_[Ability's in-game name].png

If two abilities share the same name:
  Ability_[Ability's in-game name]_[unit_identifier].png
(where [unit_identifier] should be the name of the unit possessing this ability.
Use a single word distinguishing this unit, such as "Sherman" for M4A3 Sherman 
Tanks or "Engineer" for Engineer Squad)

The ability's in-game name can be seen when hovering your mouse over the ability button in the game. Remove any punctuation marks, apostrophes, etcetera.

The icon should be about 62x62 pixels wide (it can change based on your game screen resolution) and include the entire button for this ability, with at least a 1-pixel dark margin on each side. As can be seen below, it is best to remove the corners of the image. Use the icons below as an example on how the "finished product" should look.

Note: There have been attempts to use icons pulled out of the game files, lacking the button background. This does not look as good as it sounds. Always take an image of the entire button for use on this wiki, as seen in the images below.

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