Carentan is the 3rd American Mission in Company of Heroes.


Perched on a crossroads linking Utah and Omaha Beaches, Carentan is a critical objective in establishing a decisive Allied beachhead in Normandy. Fox company's orders are to secure Carentan and push back the Axis defenders. 


Primary Objectives Edit

1.) Destroy Cafe Normandin

"Neutralize the MG42 in the Cafe. Flank the MG and use Satchel Charges."

2.) Clear Church Area

"Destroy all Axis troops defending the Church. Use buildings to cover Fox Company's advance to the church."

3.) Garrison the Church

"Order a squad to garrison the Church."

4.) Upgrade Church to Barracks

"Upgrade the Church into a Field Barracks. This allows the deployment of additional troops."

4.1) Secure Area (Sectors) around the Church

5.) Secure the Town Hall

"Destroy all Axis troops defending the Town Hall."

Secondary Objectives Edit

1.) Capture Munitions Sectors

"Capture all resource Sectors to increase supplies."

Medal Objectives Edit

1.) Score 30 Sniper Kills.

"Kill Axis defenders with a Sniper."


Army Sharpshooter Badge Edit

Awarded for killing Squads with a Sniper.

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