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Monte Durante
Monte Durante
Status: Alive
Age: 26
Birthplace: Ames, Iowa
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: United States Army
"Monte grew up a bit too talented for his own good. Bored by the challenges put to him in his youth, he became somewhat of a town terror before finally joining the military when out of school. His family hoped that service would provide the challenge and structure needed to temper him. He took to his new life with gusto and excelled as a soldier, however, he rallied against the strict structure it forces, feeling it didn't allow for the adaptability and versatility required to get the job done right.

After hearing of the British Commandos, Monte became very interested in their structure. He felt that the small elite groups of infantry were able to show the type of flexibility required to carry out their tasks properly, and was attracted by the type of missions they undertook. So, after learning of the US plans to create a similar force in the Rangers, Monte immediately began working towards becoming an officer in preparation. By 1943 he had gained his commission and joined the 5th Battalion. Though he missed the initial D-Day landings and the Battle for Brest while taking his officer training, he's now joined the 5th Battalion in Belgium.

Though command tempers him somewhat, Monte has retained his rebellious streak and fiery personality. He is not one for formalities and doesn't think much of playing things "by the book." — In-game Dossier

Captain Monte Durante is a character featured in Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault. He is the commander of Fox Company.


As Company selection takes place after the Tutorial Mission, Durante does not appear in the Battle for Rocherath. Fox Company's starting position on the world map, as well as its objective in the final assault on the Siegfried Line, is dependent on which of the three main companies is not chosen - for example, if Fox replaces Dog Company, it starts near Elsenborn Ridge.


Monte Durante exudes supreme self-confidence that borders on narcissism. He evidently takes great pride in his elite status as a Ranger, as it makes up a large part of his personal identity. He frequently makes reference to the fact he and his men are Rangers, and expects them to live up to his lofty image of the unit - that there is no task they cannot handle.

As a result of this, Durante has a strong sense of camaraderie with those under his command, but he can also be intensely competitive and demanding. His briefing style is more reminiscent of a sports coach than a military commander. In victory, he is boastful and encourages the rowdy post-mission celebrations. However if casualties are high, he expresses his disappointment in the men, referring to battles in a detached manner as the Germans having "mopped the floor with us" and demanding his troops "get back in the game". As Durante is never heard talking in private, it is unclear if this persona, in which he views war as a simple competition of strength, is genuine, or simply a mask he wears to inspire unshakeable confidence amongst his men.

Durante's penchant for not playing by the rule book is reflected in his in-game commander dialogue, such as referring to M83 Cluster Bombs as "evil little bastards". He generally has little sympathy for the Germans and wants to win against them any way he can.