A Captain on the move
Role Command Officer
Men per Squad 1
Unit Cost 300Icon Manpower Small.png 300
35Icon Fuel Small.png 35
1Icon PopCap Small.png 1
Prereq. None
Produced By Field Support Truck
Basic Weapon Webley revolver
Open Weapon Slots 1

Captain is a British unit featured in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.



A captain on the move.

"Captain ready, Sir. What you want me to do?"

The British army is unique as it employs certain units to unlock other units, unlike other factions that rely on structures and upgrades to do so. The captain is an example of this strategy in the battlefield.

British Infantry squads rely on their high commanding officers to command their infantry squads to battle. Similar to Lieutenant, the Captain is a high commanding officer that can take command of all the Infantry units in the British army and increase their effectiveness in the field. Captains, like the Lieutenants, impart a troop bonus to every infantry unit near it. But unlike the Lieutenants, they do not increase their travelling speed and offensive capabilites, instead, they increase their defensive capabilities on the field.

He is armed with an Enfield No. 2 Mk I revolver.

Like the Lieutenant, he is also a prerequisite unit to other units, mainly the Armored command truck and the Stuart Tank. He gains veterancy by commanding any nearby infantry units in battle; the more enemies killed, the more he gains veterancy. Once he gains a level 3 veterancy, he will automatically grant a command point, allowing more support powers to be unlocked.

Alongside all these, if the Royal Artillery Support is available, he can call-in a nearby M7 Priest or a 25 pounder Gun Howitzer to bombard an area in his line of sight. As a bonus, he is also a mobile retreat point for all infantry units in the field, enabling them to regroup and reorganize quickly.

It costs 300 manpower and 35 fuel to deploy him and adds 1 to the population cap. Only one can be deployed at any moment.


Captain 03

A Captain aiming his revolver.

As a Captain, he is capable of increasing the defensive capabilities of any infantry groups nearby his command radius. He is armed with only a revolver - too lightly armed to fight to the frontlines. To compensate, have him pick up a heavy weapon such as a Browning Automatic Rifle or an MP44 to increase his offensive capabilities. Or if weapons are not available, have his subordinate infantry take control of the offensive and have him at the back, while he continues his commanding duties and giving orders. This should enable him to increase his veterancy and contribute more defensive capabilities to his troops.

Naturally, he increases any infantry squad's defensive prowess in the field, enabling them to soak up more bullets or evade them. During later levels, and if the Royal Artillery Support is enabled, he can spot for nearby artillery pieces - use this to bombard enemy fortifications in its view radius.

If the situation requires it, he is acknowledged as a retreat point for infantry. If any infantry units are pinned down, let them retreat to him to regroup. If he is nearby, then the units won't have to run as far as the other side of the map to safety. But keep in mind, that he is not a reinforcement point for casualties and a Command truck or a Glider can only do this.



Captain shoot with his Enfield No.2 Mk I Revolver.

Like most Infantry, a Captain is highly vulnerable to all kinds of attack, from artillery strikes, flamethrowers to small-arms fire. Because of him being a vital unit in the British command chain, he is a prime target for a Sniper. It takes two shots from a sniper rifle to take him down, one shot if he is injured. Have him relocated as soon as possible or have him stay safe from behind the lines.

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