A Captain

"Captain ready, Sir. What you want me to do?"

Captain is an Allies Infantry Unit featured in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.

Game Info

Unlike the United States, the United Kingdom or British Infantry squads rely on a high commanding officer to command of a group of Infantry. Similar to Lieutenant, the Captain is a high commanding officer that can take command of all Infantry units in the British army. As most Infantry such as the dogged Infantry Section and Sappers are more cautious when moving into enemy territory, a high commanding officer such as the Captain can lead them with discipline and increase their combat effectiveness. But unlike a Lieutenant, the Captain of the British army is armed with an Enfield No.2 Mk I Revolver and imparts a defensive bonus to nearby troops. The Captain is a vital unit of the British army. Without him, tanks such as Stuart Tank and the Command Truck cannot be deployed to the battlefield. A Captain gains veterency by commanding Infantry in battle, the more enemies that are taken out by the over-watched infantry squad, the faster the Captain gains his veterancy. If he gains 3 veterancy during battle, he will give the Allies an additional Command Point, allowing the British to gain access to their Company Commander support more quickly. If using the Royal Artillery Support, a Captain can call in off-map artillery and Victory point a location if a M7 Priest or 25 pounder Gun Howitzer is available on the battlefield. Since he is lightly armed, it is best to allow him to pick up light weapons such as MG42 light machine gun, Bren light machine gun, or Browning Automatic Rifle if dropped on the battlefield. But most importantly, keep him out of the firing line and well protected from the enemy.  The Captain shares the Lieutenants ability to function as a retreat point for infantry, effectively serving to quickly reorganize troops.



Captain shoot with his Enfield No.2 Mk I Revolver.

Like most Infantry, a Captain is highly vulnerable to all kinds of attack, from indirect fire from artillery strikes and mortars direct fire from Infantry and Vehicles.  Because of his importance and value he is a prime target for a Sniper. A Sniper can kill an injured Captain with only a single shot; if uninjured two shots will fell a Captain. Retreat the Captain if a Sniper is spotted in the area. A Bren Carrier can carry him out of the danger zone quickly with its speed and mobility. Avoid losing him before he has gained level 3 veterency as bonus command points cannot be gained if he was KIA (killed in action).

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