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Canada was an Allied nation during WWII. They have limited but important roles in Company of Heroes.

200px-Canadian Forces emblem svg

Emblem of the Canadian Forces

Overview and historic information[]

Canada is a member of the Commonwealth, with the British Monarch as head of state. She fought with the Allies during WWII. After the Fall of France, Britain became the last standing democratic country in Europe and was extremely short on resources (most heavy equipment had been lost at Dunkirk). Canada was far away from the battlefield which provided good protection against enemy attacks. However, with an active force of only 8,000 men and a militia of 60,000 as well as outdated equipment Canada was in no shape to take on the might of the German war machine. However, by the end of the war, over 1 million Canadians volunteered to serve and Canada had the world's 4th largest Airforce and 3rd Largest navy.

Basic Force Composition[]

In the American Campaign, Canadian Units use American Equipment. In Opposing Fronts, they mostly use British Units. They have their own infantry called Canadian Infantry as part of the Royal Canadian Rifles. They are all but the same in characteristics as Infantry Sections.

Role in Company of Heroes[]

The Canadian 4th Infantry Division was seen helping Able Company in the Falaise Pocket. Instead of using their normal British equipment, they are seen as American units.

Role in Opposing Fronts[]

They are seen fighting alongside the British. Volunteer forces and the Royal Canadian Rifles help capture the airport at Carpiquet. They also have an Artillery Regiment that the British use in the Royal Canadian Artillery Support. The crews of the 25 Pounder and the Priest SPG also have distinct French Canadian accents.

Role in Tales of Valor[]

In the Falaise Pocket Campaign, the Canadian 18th Infantry Brigade tries to seize Trun from the German 7th Army. The Germans were able to hold out until most of the German Units escaped. 10,000 Germans were killed, and many others were captured.