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Caen: Storm Front is the eighth mission of the British campaign of Company of Heroes.


Caen is in Allied hands, but night is approaching quickly. 1st SS Korps will not give up Caen without a fight. Boudica's Boys must dig in and prepare for the inevitable counterattack.


Primary Objectives[]

1. Locate Enemy Forces

"Search the area to determine the strength of the Axis forces."

2. Destroy the Tiger

"Destroy the incoming Tiger. Prevent it from attacking the HQ Command Truck."

3. Defend Caen

"Maintain control of at least one of the key StrategicPoints in the Cathedral, Crossroads or Courtyard."

Secondary Objectives[]


Medal Objectives[]

1. Eliminate the King Tiger

"Encircle the King Tiger then concentrate Anti Tank fire on flanks and rear."

Medal Earned[]

Victoria Cross[]

Awarded for destroying the King Tiger tank.


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