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Caen: Into the City is the sixth mission for the British campaign, and is the first part of Operation Charnwood.


Operation Charnwood. The 7th of July. 500 airplanes are dropping bombs on Caen to soften the Axis defenses. After the bombardment, 3rd Battalion must move in, secure the area, and set up a base of operations from which to seize the city.


The bombings have made the Germans dig in harder. Major Blackmore predicts that the upcoming battle will be a difficult one due to the scattered heavy weapons covering much of the city. As 3rd Battalion moves in, B-Coy strikes from the other side.

Mission Objectives[]

1) Clear Chateau area

2) Capture and hold three victory points.

Side quest: Rescue B-Coy. (This happens while in objective one).


Royal Artillery Badge

Awarded for finding and destroying the Axis Nebelwerfers.


  • A 25 Pounder Gun Howitzer can soften up certain positions more or, if one chooses the Royal Artillery Support, fire creeping barrages.
  • A relatively quick way to rescue B-Coy is to send the Stuart to take out the MG42s and support it with infantry.
  • It is possible to obtain a fourth Lieutenant in this mission by rescuing B-Coy after training three of your own.
  • Be aware of mines, Pak 40s, and Flak 88s deeper in the city.
  • Counterattacks will begin once the points are captured.