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"Take cover in that building!"

U.S. Engineer Squad


In Company of Heroes, one can garrison their troops inside a building. While in a building, infantry will actively open windows or doors and shoot out of these openings. Infantry garrisoned are considered to be in heavy cover and therefore take far less damage than when out in the open. Additionally, while garrisoned in most buildings, all American and German infantrymen can convert standard buildings into makeshift barracks (forward barracks) which produce other infantrymen or anti-tank weapons but not any form of vehicles (e.g. Tanks, Armoured Cars, Motor Bikes or Jeeps).


While in buildings, infantry are highly vulnerable to incendiary devices like flamethrowers and incendiary grenades, more so than in the open, as the confined space concentrates the effects and can hamper their ability to evade the affected area. Similarly, infantry are very vulnerable to firepower heavy enough to penetrate and damage the building, such as tank and anti-tank fire; although infantry are difficult targets for anti-armor weapons when in the open, they cannot avoid being damaged by fragments and debris when inside a building hit by heavy firepower. Garrisoned buildings are also very vulnerable to well aimed artillery and will collapse after receiving enough damage, which will kill all infantry inside the collapsed building if they are unable to evacuate in time. While buildings generally provide excellent cover and protection against small arms fire, infantry inside that are firing out of the building through openings such as windows and doors can still be hit by incoming fire.